When you return to your hometown after a long absence, you suddenly find that it has changed a lot. The old was transformed or completely disappeared, and in its place a lot of new appeared. For this reason, walks become even more interesting. I invite readers to join the tour and find out sights of Soligorsk.

City of miners Soligorsk

Soligorsk is the second city in terms of population in the Minsk region. Its history began in 1949, when not far from the village Chizhevichi (Starobinsky district) deposits of potash salt were discovered. Since 1958, the industrial development of the deposit began here, and a decision was made to build the first Belarusian potash plant.

What to see in the city of miners. Attractions Soligorsk

And after that, on the site of the village of Vishnevka, the working settlement of Novostarobinsk appeared, which in 1959 was renamed Soligorsk. August 10, 1958 is considered the birthday of the city.

On this day, a rally was held in honor of the laying of the future capital of the Belarusian miners. A concrete cube was installed with the inscription “10-VIII / 1958, a city was founded here Novostarobinsk».

In the spring of 1960, the first tub of potash salt mined at a depth of 414 meters was raised from the depths of the Belarusian mine. This historical event is reminded by a monument in honor of the pioneer miners, installed on August 28, 1977 near the Central City Bank. The sculpture is made of concrete, and the 6-meter figure of a miner is lined with copper.

The industrial production of potash salt began here on February 11, 1961. In 1963, the first stage of the First Potash Plant was put into operation. This is the only mine that is conditionally located within the city limits.

Soligorsk was given the status of a city, and two years later it became the administrative center of the district. In 1970, three existing potash plants were merged into one Belaruskali plant. And in 1975 it was transformed into a production association.

Waste heaps, or simply salt dumps, are the most noticeable attraction of Soligorsk, which can be seen at the entrance to the Second Mine Administration.

photo Oksana Alexa

In 2005, the group "Kipelov" shot the video "I'm Here" here.

At first, the streets in Salihorsk, which was under construction, were given numbers, breaking the city into construction blocks. Historical is No. 23, it was here that the foundation of the first one-story hostels was laid. Then the first 16-apartment two-story brick house was rebuilt. Now it is the street of Builders.

In November 1959, for the cultural leisure of Soligorsk youth, a "Builders Club"In the common people, called the" chicken coop ".

In 1968, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Soligorsk, a symbolic first stone was erected behind the club. Which was replaced by a concrete cube dedicated to the solemn meeting on the laying of the city.

Later, the stone was moved to the square opposite the club, where a memorial place was designed. It consists of 10 concrete steles in the form of a flower bud - a symbol of youth and prosperity of Soligorsk. Memorial plaques with information about Stroytrest No. 3, which is engaged in the renewal and construction of the city, are installed on the steles. The park is now calledYouth».

The first 250-seat high school opened its doors to students on September 1, 1960. It was located in a three-story building at 10 Stroiteley Street. Currently, there is the 3rd building of the vocational state college.  

Since November 1961, the Soligorsk mining and chemical technical school began to work, which accepted 140 people for the evening department.

In 1962, the Soligorsk railway line appeared, which ran between Zheleznodorozhnaya and Zaslonova streets. The first passenger trainSoligorsk-Slutskdeparted June 5th. In August 1984, on the street. Leninsky Komsomol, 38 a new station building was erected.

It combined the bus and railway lines (the old building was used as a local dairy market for a long time, and then was demolished).

The new station has two features. The first is a kind of Big Ben, a clock tower on 4 sides. Which were originally with a dial and hands, but at one fine moment they stopped going, and showed different times.

By the 50th anniversary of the city, the dial was replaced with an electronic display, on which, in addition to the time, you can now see the current air temperature. The second feature is the fact that the station building is not located parallel to the tracks, but perpendicularly, since the station branch ends in a dead end.

Belaruskali Soligorsk

In the spring of 1964, work began on the construction of a dam on the Sluch River in order to create a reservoir. In 1967 it was filled with flood waters. The area of ​​the Soligorsk reservoir is 23,1 sq. km, the length of the coastline is 70 km, the maximum depth is 4,5 m, the length is 24 km, and the width is 2 km. In summer, this is one of the favorite places for citizens to relax, both in a birch grove along the coast and on the beach.

The main streets of the city were st. Lenin, peace Avenue and st. Kozlova. On the Central Square you can see the monument to Lenin, erected here in 1980.

This is one of the latest works. Andrey Bembel - the founder of the Belarusian official sculpture. Atypical for this kind of monuments is that Soligorsk Lenin is made in the form of a bust.

Right behind the monument begins "runway strip"- so the people called the park for the length and simple layout, which after the renovation became the park"of the four elements».

According to the architect's intention A. Sobolevsky this recreation area is divided by alleys into sectors dedicated to each element separately. So here you can take beautiful photos against the backdrop of a metal arcade entwined with wild grapes that change the color of foliage several times a year, enjoy the symphony of the wind on the alley of Sounding Tubes, make friends with sunbeams and refresh yourself at the main fountain.

Church in Soligorsk

They say that it is the only one of its kind in Belarus: a bowl with a diameter of 32 meters releases 20 jets of water to a height of 740 meters. In the evening, the fountain is illuminated by many lanterns. What makes this place unique is that the pressure of the water and the position of the jets constantly form new forms.

The city executive committee, the Palace of Culture and Construction Trust No. 3 of the Order of the October Revolution, established in 1958 for the construction of the city and potash plants, are located near the square.

In the 60s, Salihorsk was built up rapidly and haphazardly, but now the choice of each plot for residential buildings is approached with particular care. This is because the mines located under the city make its land unsuitable for the construction of "skyscrapers" and, in principle, dangerous for construction.

In the area of ​​​​the Central Square there are also located: the Wedding Palace with a bronze sculpture "Lovers" at the entrance.

The only cinema in the city with the original name "Zorka Venus", on the facade of which for a long time there was a huge metal bas-relief with a futuristic motif. In 2000, the building was modernized, and the metal abstraction was replaced by large letters with the name of the cinema. Also here is the building of a music school and the Center for Children's Creativity, once called the House of Pioneers.

Many newlyweds come here after the registry office to celebrate an important event for them.

You can learn more about the history of Soligorsk and the Soligorsk region in the local history museum, founded in 1976.

First of all, it is notable for the fact that its interior design is similar to drifts in a mine: with a low ceiling, fixing blocks and rock-salt-colored side windows. The museum has 24 collections.

Creative children of our city attend classes at the children's art school, opened in 1988 in the old building of the first large-format cinema "Soligorsk".

Of course, well-known sewing enterprises "Kupalinka" and "Kalinka". The first, specializing in the tailoring of underwear and outerwear, went into operation in 1969. The second one was created on the basis of a garment factory that produces faux fur products. Currently, both blouses, skirts and jackets, as well as insulated jackets and coats are sewn here.

source: leader-press.by

The sad pages of the city's history are opened by the "Alley of Warriors-Internationalists", located in a birch grove on the street. embankment.

328 Soligorsk residents went through the war in Afghanistan, 10 of them died, one was missing. The black tulip keeps their memory.

Sports play an important role in the life of the city, most of the citizens follow with interest the ups and downs of the football and hockey teams with the same name "Shakhtar". Matches with the participation of a football club playing in the Higher League of the Championship of the Republic of Belarus are held at the Stroitel stadium, built in 1973 for sports activities by employees of Stroytrest No. 3.

The stadium was not adapted for competitions of a higher level, so by 2006 it was reconstructed. Completely replacing the surface of the field and updating the only eastern stand. Now, under its original canopy made of steel lattice frames, 4200 spectators can fit.

In 2008, the "Sports and entertainment complex" appeared in our city, in fact an ice palace, which became the home ground for the hockey club. There are also competitions in figure skating, short track, etc.

Last year, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Soligorsk, a bronze sculpture of a hockey mole was placed on a bench opposite the complex. It can be seen that the symbol of the team is ready to rush into the arena into battle.

But the mole miner, who lives near the main building of Belaruskali, on the contrary, is very friendly. It makes you want to sit down and read the newspaper together. Here you can also cool off in the heat by the fountain, play the green piano or arrange a photo session with the globe.

Those who like to be away from the bustle of the city and traffic noise are invited to visit the pine forest, which rests against the park. Through this picturesque place passesPath of health”, leading to springs with clean drinking water.

There is also an artificial pond or “paddling pool” where you can take beautiful photos and watch the ducks.

And a few more sights of Soligorsk that I would like to mention. Two interesting fountains called "Signs of the zodiac" and "lunar cityare located in the area of ​​the cinema.

fountain lunar city in Soligorsk

An exhibition of rare cars was located near the building of the Soligorsk District Department of Internal Affairs.

The exposition is replenished every year with a new exhibit.

The wandering king symbolizes the eternal search for oneself, and the princess sitting behind him gives meaning to this search and brightens up loneliness.

Yes, yes, Salihorsk also has its own The Eiffel Tower. Although 100 times smaller than the original, it is also spectacular and popular among city residents. The pedestal, on which the metal structure rises, repeats the contours of France on the map.

And this is an iron man, or Optimus Prime, as the locals have already called him. Assembled from metal parts, located near the Terem restaurant.

This cute snail with a house-lantern on its back settled near the cash settlement center at the intersection of Mira Avenue and st. Zaslonova. She exudes comfort and serenity.

And finally, a little mysterious. About the mysterious mosaic panel "The Tree of Life" on a religious theme, located on the wall of the house 65 on the street. Zaslonova, there are many speculations and rumors. Someone believes that the author of the image encoded some mysterious message in it, while others believe that a strong otherworldly energy emanates from the panel, and local psychics periodically “charge” from it.

source: leader-press.by

Soligorsk is a young and beautiful city, growing more and more every year, and welcoming its guests. It is like a symbol of eternal youth and eternal spring, with which one wants to coincide in biorhythm. see also options excursions in Belarus и attractions on the map.

How to get to Soligorsk?

On the road P23 from Minsk can be reached in 1 hour 45 minutes by car. The bus runs regularly, the ticket price starts from 7 rubles, and the travel time is about 3 hours. Online tickets here. For train lovers, there are options, although the journey time is 5 hours.

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author and photo: Ekaterina Golubnicchaya


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