Grodno one of the largest and most interesting cities of Belarus. He will definitely please travelers and seekers of antiquity with their attractions. Over the course of a long history, a huge number of them have accumulated here. In this article, we will understand what to see in Grodno and what places to visit. We will offer options for excursions and places where you can stay for the night.

What to see in Grodno on your own

Sights of Grodno, what to see on your own?

The most popular and important sights are located in the historical part of Grodno. Let's start with them.

Must visit places on this list!

Kolozha church one of the oldest and best preserved churches in Belarus. A unique monument of ancient architecture, built in 1180.

Kolozhskaya or Borisoglebskaya church in Grodno

Many times it was on the verge of destruction and withering. Now Borisoglebskaya church accepts parishioners and tourists.

What does the Kolozha church look like inside

Cathedral Church of St. Francis Xavier. The central attraction of the city of Grodno. Often referred to as Farny Church. Built in the 17th century in the Baroque style.

The main attraction of Grodno is the Church of Francis Xavier

For a long time belonged to the Jesuit order. Particular attention should be focused on the clock in one of the two towers. It is believed that they are one of the oldest in Europe. No less interesting is the interior of the church, if possible, try to get to the service.

The main altar of the Church of St. Xavier in Grodno

Old (or top) Grodno castle. From this castle, only a few fragments have survived to this day. Although the first stone fortifications appeared here in the 12th century.

The main sights of Grodno - Old Castle

The castle was attacked by enemies and invaders, destroyed several times, but still restored and modified. Now there is a historical and archaeological museum.

Grodno Palace (or new castle). Located next to the Old Castle. It was built in the Rococo style in the first half of the 18th century by architect Pepelman.

Heavily damaged during the Second World War. It was restored under Soviet rule, but without the former pomposity and luxury. At the moment, it houses a branch of the historical and archaeological museum.

Grodno Palace photo

Great Choral Synagogue. Built in the second half of the 16th century by an Italian architect Santi Gucci. Fires in 1617 and 1899 badly damaged the building. Modern look Grodno synagogue acquired during the recovery period, which refers to the beginning of the 20th century.

What to see in Grodno - Great Choral Synagogue

Brigid Church. The unique architectural monument is located at the intersection of Molodezhnaya and Karla Marksa streets.

Brigid's Church and Monastery in Grodno

In the territory brigittoque monastery There is another unique attraction - spichler. This wooden building was built at the end of the 18th century.

Spihler in Grodno

Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross. largest monastery complex Grodno. This church is located opposite the theater on Mostovaya Street.

The main sights of Grodno - the Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross

Unusual places and sights of Grodno

water towers. Two water towers are octagonal structures with a height of about 22 meters. They were built in 1890 and 1910. They belong to the eclectic architectural style. The locals call them "Kasya" and "Basya".

Water towers in Grodno

Fire Tower. Only fire station with a tower was built at the turn of the 19th-20th century. The tower has six floors and has long been the tallest building in Grodno.

Fire tower, the Museum of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and an unusual bas-relief in Grodno

Now the building of the tower houses the Museum of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Here you can climb to the observation deck, which is located on the upper tier of the fire tower. In addition, pay attention to the bas-relief above the entrance. Looking closely, you can find an unexpected character (the last girl in uniform).

fire tower Grodno bas-relief

Lutheran church. The church, built in the neo-Gothic style, is one of the most unusual objects in Grodno. The main entrance is decorated with a lancet portal, which focuses on the rose window.

What is Kircha

It is noteworthy that this is the only currently operating Lutheran church in Belarus.

The building of the Mariinsky Women's Gymnasium. The building was built in 1893, which today belongs to the Yanka Kupala University of Grodno.

The building was built in the neoclassical style. It is well preserved and has come down to us with a few changes. Attractive in autumn, when the plants on the walls turn burgundy.

what to see in Grodno on your own
old photo, source - Globe of Belarus

Former musical wing ("Crooked officer"). The building of the music school was built in the Baroque style in the second half of the 18th century. The Curve ofitsina got its name due to the curved shape of the building.

Crooked office Grodno

House of Freemasons. An eclectic building has been preserved in 15A Telegrafny Lane, which once housed the Masonic lodge of Grodno.

House of Freemasons in Grodno

Unpopular sights of Grodno

Manor Stanislavovo. Designed by an Italian architect Giuseppe Sacco in the second half of the 18th century in the late baroque style. was country residence King Stanisław August Poniatowski.

Poniatowski Palace

Manor of King Stanislav August Poniatowski in Grodno
old photo

This is a rectangular brick building surrounded by a large park with a linden alley. Since the middle of the 20th century, the Grodno Agricultural Institute (now the Grodno State Agrarian University) has been located here.

Manor of King Stanislav August Poniatowski in Grodno

Manor "Avgustovo". It was built like the previous one for the last king of the Commonwealth, Stanislav August Poniatowski. It was a neat and at the same time luxurious two-story building, surrounded by a garden and park complex with a cozy pond. Unfortunately, the property has not been preserved in its original form. Only the building survived taverns and chapel.

Manor Avgustovo in Grodno

Church of Our Lady of Angels. The temple is located on the territory of the former Franciscan monastery. Built at the very beginning of the 18th century in the Baroque style.

Church of the Virgin Mary of Angels Grodno

Intercession Cathedral. Grodno Cathedral It is a three-aisled basilica with a five-sided apse and side sacristies. The temple was erected in memory of the officers and lower ranks of the 26th artillery brigade, who died during the Russo-Japanese War. It was built at the very beginning of the 20th century from red brick in the neo-Russian architectural style according to the project of the architect Prozorov.

Intercession Cathedral in Grodno

What else to see in Grodno if time permits?

Drama Theater Grodno. It was built in 1984 and almost immediately became one of the most frequently visited places for city guests.

futuristic building, built according to the project of the architect Machulsky, fit into the architecture of Grodno and became a real symbol of the city.

Драм театр Гродно

Church of the Nativity of the Virgin. This temple is located in the buildings of the former Basilian monastery. Date of construction refers to the first half of the 19th century.

Since the end of the 20th century, the Orthodox Holy Nativity-Bogoroditsky convent has been located here.

House-Museum of Eliza Ozheshko. This building is an exact copy of the house where Ozheshko lived. Today it houses a museum and an exhibition hall.

Eliza Orzeszko House Museum

We also advise you to pay attention to the following sights of Grodno: the oldest functioning pharmacy-museum in Belarus, the Masalsky Palace, the house-museum of Maxim Bogdanovich and.

House-Museum of M. Bogdanovich

Historical urban development, Romer's house, a house of brothel, the building of the Carmelite monastery, the Grodno fortress and the Sapieha Palace will be of interest to tourists.

Interesting and unusual excursions in Grodno

Where to stay in the city?

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How to get to Grodno?

Grodno is a western city, almost on the border with Poland и Lithuania. From Minsk you can get here by car, train and hitchhiking. Distance 282 kilometers. By car, you can overcome it in 3 hours and 30 minutes along the M6 ​​highway. Along the way it will be interesting to look into Volozhin и Lida.

Bus and train tickets, as well as an alternative way to travel - Bla Bla Car on the Minsk-Grodno route.