Not far from Church of St. Anne preserved archeological monument - Gashtold mountain. This place, once owned by the Gashtolds, is known by many as settlement in Dzerzhinsk. This is evidenced by the plate with the inscription "Remembrance of archeology - Garadishcha"set at the foot of the mountain.

settlement in Dzerzhinsk

settlement in Dzerzhinsk

Koydanovo, as Dzerzhinsk used to be called, at the beginning of the 16th century was the largest center of Calvinism. On this hill stood a wooden Calvin Cathedral, built by Nikolai Radziwill. From here came the second name of the settlement - "Calvinism". The cathedral was built in the middle of the 16th century. Half a century later, it was rebuilt into a defensive stone building in the Gothic architectural style.

Settlement in Dzerzhinsk

In 1876 the defensive fortress was rebuilt into a church. The main tower was crowned with a bell and a clock. The temple was well fortified, surrounded by a stone wall and a moat, and could only be entered by a drawbridge.

ancient settlement in Dzerzhinsk photo

More than once, the Gashtold Mountain became the center of hostilities and coped well with its main purpose - protection and defense.

Gashtold mountain

Calvin Cathedral can only be seen in old sketches and photographs. The majestic church was dismantled during the construction of a local hospital.

engraving of Napoleon Orda

Today, only the remains of the former power have been preserved at this place - stones left from the foundation and walls and a memorial plate.

settlement in Dzerzhinsk

The settlement in Dzerzhinsk is protected by the state. Located near the street May Day.

The city will also be interesting to see old jewish cheder и церковь.

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