Surely you have heard that with the help of the mechanics of one of the most popular games of the last decade Minecraft people create copies of famous buildings. So in this game universe, objects from all over the world are virtually available, including famous ones from various books. For example, there are: the “White Fortress” of Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings, the city of “Sunspear” from the Game of Thrones and many others. In Minecraft builds a representative and from Belarus, Andrey Soltanthat prioritizes sights. On the his Youtube channel there are review videos where you can see various religious buildings of our country. How the pixel cities built by Andrey look like, we will compare in this article.

Mir castle and tomb

Perhaps one of the most famous and popular sights of Belarus is castle in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that the building was built in Minecraft and looks very dignified.

Sights of Belarus in Minecraft

Sights in Belarus - Mir Castle

As in reality, next to the castle there is a chapel -tomb of Svyatopolk-Mirsky.

Sights of Belarus in Minecraft

In Andrey Soltan's video you can see minecraft castle in more detail from different angles, including the interior.


Another interesting location made in Minecraft is the central square in the city of Orsha. On it is Jesuit collegium, laid down at the end of the 17th century - it is this building that received special attention.

Orsha in Minecraft

College of the Jesuits Orsha

Orsha in Minecraft

College of the Jesuits Orsha

Below is the author's video:


Of course, in the Minecraft game there was a place for iconic buildings in the capital. One of which is victory Square. The pixel version looks rather modest, as there are no familiar buildings around, forming an architectural complex.

Victory Square in Minsk Minecraft

Victory Square in Minsk


Work on the “building” of the central part Grodno у Andrey Soltan took about 8 months. Walking through the virtual center of the western capital, you can see Church of Francis Xavier and the house of the merchant Muraviev.

Grodno in the game Minecreft

The main attraction of Grodno is the Church of Francis Xavier

Another recognizable building during the virtual tour is great choral synagogue.

What to see in Grodno - Great Choral Synagogue

What to see in Grodno - Great Choral Synagogue

See other sights of Grodno in the video:

In addition to the above, the author of the channel has overview videos on dozens of other famous places in Belarus. Somewhere, individual objects, and sometimes entire cities, have been recreated. If you were interested in this material, then I recommend to evaluate sights of Slonim are shown in the anime Code Geass.


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