It is curious that one of the first sights of the agro-town Svisloch according to the documents, it is not an ancient settlement at all, but a two-story house of the early 20th century. It was this building that was the first to receive the coveted nameplate “History-Cultural Kashtounasts”. In many sources, the building is listed as former home of the Yatsko family.

House Yatsko Svisloch, Osipovichi district

Looking at this building, the thought immediately comes to mind that we have a quite typical profitable house built by a Jewish family. However, looking at the biography of Yatsko's representatives, many questions arise.

Former Yatsko House in Svisloch

So the object is built with Yatsko Vasily Ivanovichi and is often referred to as "Bazyl's House". True, Vasily Ivanovich himself was a professional military man and rarely visited Svisloch. There is even a version that his children were engaged in the construction of the house, in gratitude to their parents.

What to see in the agricultural town of Svisloch, Osipovichi district

Like it or not, now it is already problematic to establish. But it is known that the building was completed in 1911, by the way, it was made of the legendary Bobruisk brick from the Rosenberg factory.

It is also interesting that over the 100 years of its history, the house has hardly changed in appearance. The only change in architecture is an incomprehensible extension on the back.

Unusual house in the village of Svisloch

After the end of the First World War, a priest lived in the house of the Yatsko family for some time, and since 1927, the local military registration and enlistment office was located within the walls of the building. A little later, the department of internal affairs, then the military garrison. During the German occupation, the headquarters and the commandant's office were located here. In Soviet times, the building was used for administrative needs, but most residents of the agro-town know this house as a grocery store.

Unusual house in the village of Svisloch

It will be easy to find this attraction, it is located in the central part of the agricultural town of Svisloch, below is the point with the location on the map:

If you are in these parts, I recommend to go look at unusual church in the village of Bogushevichi, which was originally built as the tomb of the Sventorzhetskys.

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