Rich in history the urban village of Ross, once there was the estate of Count Potocki with a real palace. Unfortunately, the count's manor has not survived to this day, and only a few manor buildings have survived. Among which stands out an unusual house, in many sources referred to as “House of the gardener Potocki”.

"Gingerbread" house of the Potocki gardener in Russia

What to see in the urban village of Ross

The architecture of this building is extremely unusual and stands out against the background of the gray buildings of Russia. The style has features of Art Nouveau with neo-Gothic elements (sharp arched windows).

What to see in the urban village of Ross?

The pediments on both sides are decorated with interesting sculptural figures resembling flowers. Also pay attention to the small windows-loopholes, which may have performed the function of forced ventilation(?).

What a beautiful house in the urban village of Ross

Along the perimeter of the building there is a cornice in the form of asymmetrical flowing drops.

Potocki gardener's house in Russia

The exact date of construction is unknown. This is probably the end of the 18th - beginning of the 19th century. Several buildings still remain from the Pototskys in the urban village of Ross: a water mill, a stable, an officer's office, and a pan's dacha.

The gardener's house is located in the very center, at the intersection of Shevyakova and Zelenaya streets.

Also worth seeing in Russia Trinity Church и chapel-tomb of St. Stephen. If possible, try to visit the neighboring Volpa, where wooden church of St. John the Baptist.


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