Outdoors Pushkin 211, in Bobruisk an interesting architectural monument has been preserved - city ​​mansion. The building is one-story, L-shaped, built in 1912 of brick, in the eclectic style. It is known that the building originally belonged to a wealthy citizen, presumably timber merchant Mirenburg.

Interesting places in Bobruisk

The central place of the external decor is occupied by the main entrance. It is symmetrical and highlighted by a two-column portico. Along the perimeter of the city mansion, you can see a lot of moldings, cornices and decorative elements.

Mansion on Pushkin Street Bobruisk

On the facade is the number "1912" - the date of completion of construction.

Unusual mansion in Bobruisk

After the revolution, a maternity hospital was located within the walls of the city mansion in Bobruisk, which operated until 1927. Then, probably, the building again became residential, there is little information about this period. Already closer to the 80s, a kindergarten began to be located here.

Beautiful house on Pushkin street

Since 1991, work began on the reconstruction of the building. One of the unique features of the Bobruisk mansion is six tiled stoves, which are well preserved and have also been restored.

Beautiful house in Bobruisk

Since the beginning of the 21st century, a representative office of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus and a sports museum have settled in the city mansion of Mirenburg.

В Bobruisk There is another notable urban-type building - merchant's house Katsnelson. More interesting places and sights of Belarus on the map.

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