Lee Harvey Oswald - one of the few ambiguous and unsolved personalities in the history of the XNUMXth century. The main suspect in the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy remained a suspect, as he himself was shot while being transferred to prison. For some time, Lee Harvey Oswald spent in the USSR, more precisely in Minsk. Him Apartment number 24 has already unofficially added to the list of sights of the city.

The house itself was built in the 50s in the then popular Stalinist Empire style. They designed the building (as, indeed, everyone else on the street) Vladimir Isachenko, Mark Lifshitz and Leonid Goldstein.

House of Lee Harvey Oswald in Minsk is located at st. Communist, 4, opposite the Yanka Kupala square. Apartment "dallas shooter" was on the fourth floor.

The new building was very successful, with spacious and bright apartments. If we draw an analogy with the present, in those years the apartments of the house could confidently be called "elite". True, Mr. Oswald had only a one-room apartment, but with an excellent location.

House under the spire old photo

Private bathroom, balcony, spacious kitchen, all necessary amenities. Such advantages of an apartment were quite rare in the 50s for most ordinary residents, and even more so for a simple locksmith at a factory. And if you could also get to work on foot in just 5-7 minutes. It turns out not a house, but a dream! It was in such conditions in the USSR that the famous “Dallas sniper” lived for two and a half years Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Lee Harvey Oswald Story. Work and wife Marina

The special originality of life Alika (as Lee Harvey Oswald was called by colleagues at work) was no different. That's just considering his position as a refugee from USA he received an additional allowance in addition to his salary as a mechanic in a factory. His apartment was excellent, he had money, but he didn’t come across any special entertainment - Oswald wrote about this in his diary.

House under the spire Minsk poshyk info

But given the fact that Lee Harvey was a refugee from the United States, he was constantly monitored, and the apartment itself in his house was tapped.

Surveillance was carried out directly from the neighboring apartment. After the declassification of the archives, it became known that surveillance and wiretapping of Oswald did not bring any special results. When Lee Harvey married a Minsker Maria Prusakova and the family began to live in an American apartment, archival documents show that they quarreled quite a lot. However, this information, in principle, was the only one that the state security workers managed to get.

marina prusak lee harvey oswald's wife

By the way, Oswald got the apartment in this house precisely because of the necessary wiretapping - all the equipment had already been prepared.

wife marina lee harvey oswalda

The living conditions of the family were quite satisfactory. By modern standards, the couple could be called prosperous. Although they did not particularly show their wealth. In principle, the most ordinary factory mechanic of that time could hardly afford a luxurious apartment in the very center of the city. (state security suggested that Lee Harvey might be an American spy).

So the American did not have to complain about the living conditions, especially living in an excellent apartment with a beautiful view of the river and the park. Moved out of Lee Harvey Oswald's apartment 1962 yearwhile flying home to the United States. His wife also left with him.

It is noteworthy that the modern owner of the apartment did not even suspect who lived in it in the middle of the last century. Now the house of Lee Harvey Oswald is becoming a tourist attraction. Especially for those who came from the USA, so the owner of the apartment had to ask a little about the history of the “Dallas shooter”.

house of lee harvey oswald in minsk

Now the house where Lee Harvey Oswald lived in Minsk is in excellent condition. And given the quality of construction, such a building will stand for a very long time. The apartment is a kind of historical reminder of one of the controversial personalities of the last century, which was directly related to Minsk and the USSR. Unusual excursions around the capital of Belarus.

If you are interested in the history of the assassination of the US President in 1963, then watch the series 11.22.63

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6 years ago

Do not be misled, “House under the Spire” is Kommunisticheskaya 14, and this house is located almost opposite the Headquarters of the Ministry of Defense, and not opposite Yanka Kupala Park, Oswald lived a little closer to the avenue, the building, which if you walk from the avenue, is in front of the building ONT. It is almost next to the museum of the first congress of the RSDLP. Some of the photos show the house.