On the way from Volozhin to Golshany, pay attention to German military cemetery, during the First World War. It is located at the entrance to the village. Ten's managers, 12 kilometers from Vishnevo, an unusual chapel with an eagle will be clearly visible at the entrance. What kind of object is this and how long ago did it appear here? Let’s find out.


The dominant place in the layout of the cemetery is occupied by a massive chapel with an eagle on the tower. There is a theory that this bird sculpture was brought from the German city of Bremen. Interestingly, the monument was built during the war, probably in 1916. This date is on the foundation stone at the base.

Rotunda in Desyatniki

Tomb with an eagle in the Desyatniki

But the cemetery itself in Desyatniki was built later - in 1922. Although it is mentioned as German, this is not entirely true, since both Austrian and Russian soldiers are buried here.

German military cemetery in the village of Desyatniki, 1922

German military cemetery in the village of Desyatniki, 1922

There are no usual burials in this cemetery; there are mainly memorial gravestones, most of which are overgrown with moss and are no longer legible. There are several pedestals with crosses, most likely the graves of officers.

German cemetery in Desyatniki

The chapel tower is made of stone and inspires a certain depressing mood. On the slabs at the base there are several tablets and signs, including “Bremen, 1916” – most likely the date and place of manufacture.

Cemetery in Desyatniki

Tomb with an eagle

The German cemetery was developed by the Poles, since these lands became part of interwar Poland after the war. Probably Germany allocated money to maintain cleanliness. Today it is also clear that the area has been cleaned and well maintained.

Dzesyatniki Belarus

In the Soviet film of 1967, “War under the roofs“, frames flash on which you can see the village of Desyatniki and this military monument.

Military cemetery Desyatniki
Screenshot from the movie "War Under the Roofs"
Military cemetery Desyatniki
still from the film “Vaina falls to fear”

By the way, in the same film you can see shots with another attraction of Belarus - church in Braslav, there are also interesting shots from neighboring Golshany.

German military cemetery in the village of Desyatniki, 1922

How to get to this place? Of Minsk the distance is about 109 kilometers, by car the journey will take 1 hour 30 minutes. Possibility to travel by train Railway station Bogdanov, below is a point on the map:

If you are in the area, I recommend visiting Golshany Castle Sapieha.


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