When it comes to travel, then the first thing that comes to mind is that it is very expensive. Of course there are many ways to save money while traveling. But if we are talking about a flight, then there are two options: either fork out, or look for cheap airlines. Yes, they are, they exist. It is clear that budget flights have their own characteristics (otherwise they would not be budget flights). In this article, we will talk about two the most popular low-cost airlineswith which you can fly profitably.

Wizz Air

Wizz Air is one of the largest low-cost airlines operating in Central and Eastern Europe. She made her first flight in 2014 from Katowice. Today, Wizz Air operates flights to more than 600 destinations from 25 airports.

wizz air plane

Where do they fly most often?

The most popular directions in the company are: Barcelona, Budapest, Bucharest, Warsaw, Debrecen, Dubai, London, Milan, Paris, Skopje, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Tenerife.

Baggage and hand luggage

It's best to travel light, because you can take hand luggage with you free of charge on board the aircraft with a maximum size of 40 x 30 x 20 cm, the weight of which should not exceed 10 kg. These restrictions came into effect on November 1, 2018. If you do not like to carry a lot of things with you and this option suits you, then feel free to choose the BASIC fare when booking tickets.

wizz air baggage limit

But if you absolutely cannot do without luggage, then you will have to choose the WIZZ GO or WIZZ PLUS fare. The first fare includes hand luggage 55x40x23 cm and checked baggage weighing 20 kg. In the second tariff - hand luggage 55x40x23 cm and checked baggage weighing 32 kg. Of course, in addition to baggage, you will also receive other "goodies": check-in at the airport, priority boarding, seat selection, online check-in 30 days before departure and other benefits according to the selected fare.

But the cost of a ticket with luggage will be much higher.

Wizz Air ticket price

You probably noticed in the image that under each ticket option there is another price - Wizz Discount Club. This cost is available for those who are a member of the Wizz Discount club. Club members receive a guaranteed discount on tickets, luggage, as well as mailing lists with special offers from the company.

At the moment, the cost of a standard annual membership is 29,99 euros. And if you often travel with friends, you can get a group membership for 59,99 euros.

Traveling with children

Starting from the age of two, a child needs to buy a ticket for the full price, as an adult (read about traveling with children here). But from 14 weeks to 2 years old, the baby who will sit on your lap flies at the children's rate (the fee is from 8 to 27 euros). And if you are flying with an infant, then in addition to free hand luggage, you can take a bag up to 5 kg per child with you on the plane.

In order not to get confused by all these additional fees, consider the following case. you are flying from Vilnius to Barcelona with a child under 2 years old and a suitcase of 20 kg. You plan to register via the Internet, and it doesn’t matter where you sit. You are not a member of the Wizz Discount club.

We choose a route, indicate that you are flying with a baby.


We choose the BASIC tariff, since additional privileges are not needed.

cheap Wizz Air flights

Specify what is needed baggage 20kg.

low-cost carrier Wizz Air

In total, the total cost of the flight with baggage and fees will be 93,99 euros.

Wizz Air app

The airline has a mobile application that allows you to quickly and conveniently buy tickets.


Another major low cost carrier is Ryanair. The company is already with more solid experience, as it has been operating since 1985. Today, Ryanair has over 1600 destinations between 180 airports.

raynair aircraft

The airline's most popular and profitable flight is the London-Dublin route. Malaga, Barcelona, ​​Tenerife, Warsaw, Rome.

What's with the luggage?

You can take hand luggage into the cabin of the aircraft free of charge, measuring 40 cm x 20 cm x 25 cm. A ticket with luggage will be at higher Plus and Flexi Plus fares.

Traveling with children

Here, everything is the same for a child under 2 years old, you pay an incomplete ticket price and carry an additional bag up to 5 kg for free. Even without payment, you can transport two items of children's equipment (for example, a stroller and a child seat). And on board the plane you will even warm up a bottle of infant formula.

Let's try to buy a ticket in a similar way to Wizz Air

We choose the direction and date, indicate that an infant is flying with us.

buy Ryanair ticket

We choose the BASIC tariff, since additional privileges are not needed.

Since we have 20 kg luggage, we take the Plus fare.

low-cost airline Ryanair

Then we indicate the place in the cabin. The plan immediately indicates the seats where you can fly with a child. Please note that in this case the choice of seat will be paid (we book the cheapest one for 0,88 euros).

Ryanair seat selection

The final amount with luggage and fees is 211,26 euros.

airline Ryanair

Ryanair also has its own mobile application, but it does not provide a Russian-language version, like the official website of the airline.

Ryanair app


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