The most popular entertainment in Dubai, and in the UAE in general, is a trip to desert safari. There are a huge number of different options from a variety of organizers, which offer everything from a simple round trip to a luxurious stay in your own lounge area with an overnight stay. It all depends on your budget and wishes.

Desert Dubai

However, despite the variety of tours, the program of all organizers is quite similar and consists of the following:

1) You will be picked up from the hotel by jeep; the group usually consists of 3-6 people.

2) They will take you to a camp in the desert.

3) There will be a short organizational part and instructions.

4) Quad biking.

5) Camel riding.

6) Snowboarding on the dunes.

7) Jeep safari.

8) Dinner with shows and entertainment.

9) Return to the hotel.

Let's talk a little about the nuances and what to be prepared for. Regarding pickup from the hotel, there are no special problems. If you order through English-speaking Viator or TripAdvisor, then the organizers will send you the exact time when they will pick you up.

I also advise you to install WhatsApp if you don’t use it - they keep all communications through it and also send additional information. Of the minuses, I’ll probably highlight one - after purchasing a tour, they try to sell additional services, unfortunately, absolutely all organizers are guilty of this.

Safari in Dubai

The journey to the camp in the desert takes on average 1:30 – 2:00 hours and will depend on the order in which you were picked up from the hotel. The cars are comfortable and flawless (mostly Toyota Highlander), often the driver who picks you up and takes you through the dunes is the same safari for which everyone goes to the desert.

Dubai Desert Tour

The desert camp itself resembles a small wooden fortress, stylized as a Bedouin village. There is a shop, toilets, a waiting room, a kitchen and of course a stage.

Desert Dubai

Judging by the reviews, everyone likes riding ATVs without exception. By the way, the price of the excursion will directly depend on this option. You can rent a bike for 10, 30 or 60 minutes, and you can also ride alone or in pairs. Even if you have never driven an ATV, I recommend you try it, there is nothing complicated and if difficulties arise, they will quickly help you.

Quad Bike Ride Dubai

Near the camp there is an area with camels, usually there are a couple of animals. Each tourist is given a short time for the trip, plus the opportunity to take photos with these amazing animals. Remember that everything that is not included in the ticket price (there is a list there) comes at an additional cost. For example, in the camp there is the opportunity to take a photo with a hunting hawk (costs about 20 dirhams per person). If you are not ready to pay or do not want to pay, then it is better to refuse immediately and not touch the bird.

Dubai falcon photo

Snowboarding may look a little formal, but can be fun. Drive off the dune and take a photo, why not?

Trip to the Dubai Desert

Usually at sunset the main part of the excursion into the desert begins - jeep safari. The feeling is difficult to describe, but it is definitely positive. During the trip there will be a short stop so that everyone can take a photo against the backdrop of the dunes.

Dubai desert trip

Returning to the camp in the dark, dinner and a show await everyone. This is where a small minus of the organizers surfaced - if you haven’t bought a VIP seat, you will sit at modest tables in front of the stage, and you need to go get food yourself. There is nothing wrong with this and it looks even more authentic, but the feeling of being divided into privileged clients and, as it were, second class unfortunately remains. Moreover, everyone pays the same amount for an excursion to the desert.

Dubai Desert Tour

There are no questions about the food itself; for dinner there will be a buffet: barbecue, salads, some fruit, vegetarian food, snacks. Drinks: water, Sprite, Pepsi. It is also possible to purchase an unlimited alcohol package for an additional fee (costs about $35). The show itself consists of performances by different artists - dancing and fire shows. I didn’t expect much, but I was pleasantly impressed by both the level and the rich program.

Entertainment in Dubai - trip to the desert

Dubai desert show

Return to the hotel will be in the same jeep in which you were brought. The format of the excursion to the desert from Dubai looks interesting and thoughtful, I definitely recommend it to everyone who plans to visit the UAE.

Where to watch desert excursions?

If you want an English-speaking group, then here - Dubai Desert.

International here - excursions Dubai.

Only Russian language offers – trip to the desert.

What else to do in Dubai? Check out the main ones the city's attractions, take a look at the amazing Green Planet, and if time allows, I advise you to go to Abu Dhabi.


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