As the name suggests, “The Middle Woodpecker” is something between small and great woodpecker. It differs from its relatives not only in appearance, but also in behavior - the bird is considered less noticeable, lowers to the ground less often, knocks less on trees and stays apart. Identify Dendrocopos medius The easiest way is by the bright red cap on the head (the great woodpecker also has a cap, but it is smaller and located on the back of the head). A similar “red cap” is also noticeable in the male lesser woodpecker; in this case, pay attention to the lower part of the abdomen - in the average woodpecker it will be pink. Below is a photo of these three woodpeckers to make it easier to distinguish:

Syaredni dzyatsel (Dendrocopos medius)
Middle Woodpecker | Syaredni dzyatsel | Dendrocopos medius
Dzyatsel vyalik pyarests
Great woodpecker | Dzyatsel vyaliki pyarests | Dendrocopos major
Lesser Woodpecker | Mala dzyatsel | Picoides minor
Lesser Woodpecker | Mala dzyatsel | Picoides minor

In Belarus middle woodpecker It occurs all year round and can be observed both in forests and city parks. For example, the bottom photo was taken in Minsk, in the park named after the 50th anniversary of the Great October Revolution.

What birds can you see in Belarus?

The diet of this bird is based on various insects; in winter, the average woodpecker can fly to feeders.

What do you look like in the middle of nowhere?

By mid-spring, Dendrocopos medius begin to live in single pairs and build a nest in a hollow, which they most often hollow out on their own.

Middle Woodpecker (Dendrocopos medius)

Middle Woodpecker (Dendrocopos medius)

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