South Vietnam - Mekong Delta review and tour

Vietnam is rich in natural attractions. In the north of Sapa and Halong Bay, and South Vietnam attracts in a different way - Mekong Delta. This article will review and impressions of visiting this place as part of an excursion. I’ll tell you where it’s profitable to find a trip along the Mekong River, what options they offer and how much they cost. Consider the history and prospects of the delta.

Mekong Delta historical background

Historians agree that the Delta has been inhabited since ancient times. According to historical facts, at the beginning of the 17th century Whose Chetta II allowed the Vietnamese to establish their settlement in Prei Nokor, called "Saigon". The Mekong River region has always been extremely important, so military conflicts constantly occurred here. Independence and eventual membership Vietnam occurred only in the second half of the 20th century.

Most trips and excursions are organized from Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon. The Delta has become a popular and highly touristic destination in the last few years. Therefore, prices rise annually, the Vietnamese have become focused on serving tourists.

In any review Ho Chi Minh attractions you will come across an item - Mekong Delta. Having visited this place in 2019, December, I want to share my review.

Tour options and travel agency offers

Excursions in the Mekong Delta provide almost all travel companies working with the region of Vietnam. Most have very similar offers, but different prices. How to choose what to consider and how much it can cost. Took my tour Viator for several reasons:

  • cheaper
  • in English
  • a large number of reviews

Who does not fit:

  • for those who do not know English

What will the price depend on? 

  • from what is included in the trip
  • group size
  • the comfort of transport and is there a shuttle service from/to the hotel
  • route
  • excursion language

Prices start at $20 per person and go up to $300 for an individual tour. My trip included:

  • transfer from / to the hotel
  • group up to 15 people (actually there were 12)
  • bottle of water
  • good lunch
  • motorboat cruise
  • bamboo boat trip
  • local shops and market
  • fruit tasting
  • coconut farm and candy factory
  • visit to Vinh Trang pagoda

The tour cost $50 for two people and is considered one of the cheapest. Below is a description of the tour with pros and cons.

And so the Mekong Delta Review

The road from the tourist area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City to the port takes about 2 hours. We were taken in a classic Vietnamese bus. Moderately old, but with working air conditioning. On the way one stop to the toilet. All on schedule and no complaints. The guide talked about Vietnam, the river, the inhabitants and interesting facts.

our tour bus

Upon arrival at the port, we set off on a small motor boat to explore the river. According to my observations - almost all boats are the same. Old, but they float. 

sightseeing motor boats

Crossing the river, we find ourselves in a village. Here you are greeted with a bee farm and local honey products, treated with Vietnamese tea. If desired, you can buy cream and honey. At a cost of about $ 10 for a set of honey + cream. 

The next part of the tour is the local market. And I didn't like this part. Objectively, almost the entire range of goods is in Saigon, and indeed in any other city in Vietnam, only the prices will be lower. 

Then they show durian plantations and treat them with exotic fruits to the songs and accompaniment of local musicians. Next comes the part of the tour for which most people go to see the Mekong Delta.

Riding on small bamboo boats along the narrow arms of the Mekong Delta.

On the one hand, the place is authentic and interesting, on the other hand, there are many tourists. Locals are already used to making money on these entertainments. Therefore, you can certainly take a beautiful photo, but to fully enjoy the delta - most likely not.

After the trip, everyone is taken to motor boats and the Mekong Delta tour continues. Next in line is a coconut factory for the production of sweets and Vietnamese alcohol.

Surprisingly, this part was pleasant and informative. It's amazing how useful coconut is. Ropes, food, cosmetics, spices, sweets, and even lithium batteries are made from it. The factory is very small, women and children work, sweets are made by hand. Available for $2 per pack.

Vietnamese wine is also prepared here, which is essentially a tincture.

Having finished with the tasting, they are taken to a small village, where lunch is already ready. Serving vietnamese cuisineEverything is tasty and appetizing. Then, for everyone, they offer an independent bike ride around the surroundings.

This ends the tour of the Mekong Delta, but does not end the tour itself. At the end of the trip, we were taken to Vinh Trang pagoda. According to many sources, it is one of the most beautiful pagodas in southern Vietnam.

There are statues of three Buddhas: sitting, recumbent and standing. The temple is over a hundred years old and is a rarity in Vietnam. There are many flowers and a pleasant atmosphere. Do not forget to cover your legs before visiting - respect the culture of a foreign country. It is very frustrating that it is Russian-speaking tourists who ignore the rules.

The trip as a whole leaves pleasant impressions and will be interesting. Moreover, the prices for the tour are quite affordable.



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