One of the most common birds that can be seen wintering in Belarus is hoodie (Corvus corone cornix, white – Sharaya Varona). The bird is considered smart and quick-witted; in the city it is easy to see how crows solve quite complex problems with food: dropping acorns from a height to crack them, opening metal cans, untying garbage bags and much more.

What does a hooded crow look like?

The gray crow is an omnivore, feeding on both various insects and human waste. It also does not disdain carrion and hunting small rodents, and can also destroy the nests of other birds. Externally, the crow is easy to identify: black wings, head, neck, tail and beak, and gray belly and back. The average size of Corvus corone cornix does not exceed 25 centimeters.

Hoodie photo

In Belarus, the hooded crow has been chosen as the bird of 2024, and for good reason. This species of bird really stands out among the huge variety of birds with its unusual habits.

Sharaya Varona fota

Hooded crows are monogamous, which curiously often return to their old nests, which, by the way, can be built from the strangest materials. Crows often gather in flocks to ward off predators or prevent human threats. An extremely unusual ritual has been observed behind gray crows; if these birds see a dead relative, they can fly up to the body and seem to be studying the cause of death.

Hoodie bird

What is also unusual is that the gray crow remembers the person who offended or threatened it and is even able to transmit this information to other crows.

Bird Sharaya Varona

In the city you can easily spot this bird; it is found everywhere.


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