Inconclusive - an ancient city rich in sights. Moving from Town Halls along Sovetskaya Street, you will come to a roundabout in the center of which is located Slutsk Gate. This is not only a unique architectural monument, but perhaps one of the most beautiful bram of Belarus.

Nesvizh Gate

History and photos of Nesvizh Gate

Where does this name come from?

Initially, the building was built as a defensive one, blocking the entrance from the side of the Slutsk tract (hence the name “Slutskaya”).

old photo Slutsk Gate
Old snapshot of the tract, photo from the archive of Dmitry Naumov

Slutsk gate in Nesvizh

The history of the gate in Nesvizh

There were several similar gates (gates) in the city of Nesvizh. All of them performed a very specific function - they defended the city from uninvited guests, and also collected tax from visiting merchants at the gates. The first versions of the gates appeared at the beginning of the 16th century and were ordinary wooden gates.

Slutsk Gate

The history of the Nesvizh stone gate begins later, its construction dates back to the second half of the 17th century. Thanks to the surviving engraving of that time, it became known that at that time the Slutsk gate was a small tower with a hipped roof. This tower was separated from the dam by a drawbridge. Like many similar structures during the war of 1654-1667, the gate was almost destroyed. With the course of history, the architecture of this building has undergone certain changes.

Slutsk gate in Nesvizh

At the beginning of the 18th century, the gate was rebuilt and acquired the features of the Baroque architectural style. It is this appearance that is familiar to guests and residents of Nesvizh.

Beautiful view of the Slutsk Gate

In its form, the gate represents a two-story building, where the first tier is an arched passage and auxiliary premises, and on the second floor there was Chapel of the Mother of God.

Chapel in Nesvizh Gate

In the mid-70s of the last century, the process of restoration of the Slutsk Gate in Nesvizh began. Over time, like many other sights of the city, the gate was ennobled. In September 2007, the process of repairing one of the oldest gates was finally completed. From the entrance gate there is an excellent view of the main attraction of Nesvizh - Palace of the Radziwills.

Gate in Nesvizh

Slutskaya Brama is located on Sovetskaya Street, below is a mark on the map:

What else to see in the Nesvizh region? It is worth going to the agricultural town of Snov - there is Rdultovsky's palace. More sights of Belarus on the map.


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