Chupacabra in Belarus

About fantasy creatures и ghosts already written more than once, but how to get around the information that chupacabra in belarus? Is this true or just big headlines? What kind of creature is this, where and when was it seen, as well as interesting facts and photos of the Chupacabra. This mythical creature that feeds on the blood of goats and cows has long excited the imagination of Belarusians. Information about the mysterious chupacabra, destroying chickens and rabbits, and sometimes dogs, in different parts of our country, has been appearing in the media with enviable constancy since 2011.

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Mythological reference

Chupacabra - a mysterious creature that, according to legend, kills animals (mainly goats) and sucks their blood. Actually, the name itself comes from the Spanish words chupar "to suck" и cabra "goat", literally "sucking goats", well, or a goat vampire. For the first time, the Chupacabra became known in the 50s. Then, on the island of Puerto Rico, several dead goats were found, from the bodies of which, according to eyewitnesses, someone allegedly sucked the blood.

Puerto Rico Mythology GIF by PBS Digital Studios.

In the 90s, thanks to television and the Internet, the image of the Chupacabra came to the masses. In 1995, apparently inspired by the horror film The Species, she was presented as a two-legged creature about a meter tall, covered with blond hair and spikes protruding from her sides. In the early 2000s, eyewitnesses appeared who allegedly met with this mysterious creature, who described it in a completely different way. In the guise of a chupacabra, the features of various animals were mixed: a coyote or a dog with a fanged muzzle of a pig.

Chupacabra on the territory of Belarus

February, 2011

First mention of chupacabre in Belarus appeared on the forum site "Secret Research". A citizen Gomel told about several encounters with a strange beast in the vicinity of dachas in the Gomel region. The beast was about 1,5 meters tall, with the head of a dog, with large fangs, and moved mainly on its hind legs. When in the winter the grandmother of an eyewitness found the bloodless carcasses of rabbits with bites in different places in the courtyard, they decided that these were the tricks of that same creature.

October, 2012

The bloodthirsty chupacabra terrified the inhabitants of the urban village Starobin. For several nights in a row, destroying almost the entire population of ducks, chickens and rabbits. Eyewitnesses claimed that cats also disappeared in some places, and this mysterious beast got to the living creatures by breaking down the door in the barn.

July 2013

On a pasture near the agricultural town of Prudniki, three strange beasts attacked cows and calves. One of the creatures was shot and, of course, identified as a Chupacabra. However, the specialists could not say exactly what kind of animal it was, since its corpse, delivered to the veterinary station of the Dokshitsky district, disappeared somewhere.

October, 2015

Villagers Sedcha (Pukhovichi district, Minsk region) claimed that under the cover of night, a Chupacabra was in charge of their farmsteads. At one of the owners, she killed 42 rabbits, at another she attacked sheep, at the third she killed 15 chickens. The slaughtered animals were mostly bled.

May, 2017

In Gantsevichi (Brest region), a bloodthirsty beast got to its feathered victims, gnawing through a metal mesh and boards in chicken coops. The attacks continued for several months. Only in one farmstead, the predator strangled 90 birds, adding peacocks and guinea fowls in addition to laying hens to its diet.

August, 2018 

An unknown animal kept several villages in the Slonim region at bay, stealing dogs from the yards. They began to talk about the Chupacabra after the monster tore apart the dog named Fluffy, leaving only the head and part of the body that were on the chain. More than 10 dogs went missing within a month.

August, 2019

A strange-looking animal - practically hairless, with a humpbacked body and short front legs - stole chickens, first in the town of Bychki, and a few weeks later - in Gorodeyskaya Sloboda.

Chupacabra in Belarus

Who is this mysterious beast really?

Of course, in our high-tech scientific age, we want something mysterious and inexplicable, but no reliable evidence confirming the existence of the mystical chupacabra has been found.

Most of the photos and videos of dead creatures that can be found on the Internet are fake. Or they depict real animals.

According to zoologists, every case of attack on domestic birds and rabbits hides an ordinary animal - a fox, a ferret, a wolverine or a raccoon dog. They kill prey in reserve, then to return again. The ferret usually drinks the blood of several victims, and then strangles the rest.

A strange kind of bloodthirsty killers is caused by a skin disease: scabies, demodicosis or lichen. In the later stages of the development of the disease, hair falls out, joints are deformed. Due to increasing discomfort, the sick animal may behave inappropriately. In addition, people tend to exaggerate and embellish what they see.

And the dogs in the Slonim region were attacked by an old wolf, who was kicked out of the pack, and he began to live on his own. Due to its physical capabilities, the predator could not hunt fully, so he began to come to the villages. A dog on a chain is easy prey for him.

So another sensation was shattered by facts. But who knows, maybe the Chupacabra exists somewhere in Belarus?

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text: Ekaterina Golubnicchaya


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