Lake and sea fishing is a separate type of recreation for people who appreciate peace, quiet and unity away from noisy cities. setting off for winter fishing, you need to take care not only about gear and fresh bait, but also about related accessories and of course proper clothes. The list of fishing equipment for this time of year is quite extensive. Consider the most useful and indispensable devices, go through the options for winter suits, shoes and accessories. *In this article, we will omit tackle and rods.

What to take with you for winter fishing. Equipment for comfortable and safe fishing

Fishing box and backpack

Choosing container or bag for transportation of gear, it is necessary to take into account not only the parameters of capacity, but also moisture resistance. If you prefer backpacks, then they should be made of waterproof materials. For the winter period, specialized mountaineering or sports backpacks with many pockets are suitable. The minimum width of the straps should be between 6-7 mm. If they are too narrow, they are likely to curl, causing discomfort during extended wear.

Backpack for winter fishing
example: Norfin Dudley NF-20702 backpack chair

Fishing boxes are easy to carry gear and are often used as an alternative to high chairs. However, they take up a lot of space and are heavy, and are also inconvenient when transported in public transport.

Ice fishing box

Currently in high demand plastic и foam structures, which, although more expensive than metal products, are much more efficient and lighter.

Clothes for fishing

Actually the choice equipment for fishing will require the same attention as the selection of clothing for outdoor activities (for example, hiking in the mountains). Any equipment, including clothing for winter fishing, must first of all meet simple requirements: protect from wind, dirt, precipitation, provide warmth and not hinder movement. Consider interesting options on the example of the Norfin brand and the store

Modern manufacturers of clothing for anglers have been able to come up with an interesting alternative to natural materials, and especially cotton. They use synthetic fabrics, which are the most practical, dry faster, weigh much less and are highly durable and long lasting.

Clothing for winter fishing
example: winter suit Norfin Hunting Wild Green

There is a huge variety of artificial fabrics and clothes made from them, which gives you the chance to find clothes for fishing for every taste and budget. What to look for when choosing such clothes?

  • Waterproof (an important parameter for winter clothing)
  • Temperature barrier (you need to understand in what conditions you plan to go fishing)
  • Breathability (clothing must be able to "breathe" well for you to be comfortable)
  • High-quality headset and elements (clothes must be reliably made without Chinese mistakes). Pay attention: are the seams taped, is there an adjustment of the hood, are the latches made of high quality?
Clothing for winter fishing how to choose
example: winter suit Norfin Hunting Trapper Wind

Thermal Underwear

Allows you to achieve warmth during winter fishing - thermal underwear, which is very fond of all lovers of active sports. It is made from materials of a cellular structure, thanks to which such linen perfectly copes with the function of removing moisture. Often thermal underwear has several layers. The top layer is used for thermal insulation, usually made from natural materials. Lower - absorbs sweat droplets and is made exclusively from synthetics.

Clothing for winter fishing thermal underwear
example: thermal underwear microfleece Norfin Nord

What to look for when choosing:

  • What activity are you planning to use it for? (low, medium, high)
  • For what temperatures are you looking for thermal underwear?

Clothing for winter fishing thermal underwear

Fishing shoes

Shoes are directly dependent on weather conditions. What is suitable in summer and autumn in winter you will not be able to use, so you can not do without special insulated shoes. Best for winter fishing "Canadian" boots, which are a kind of hybrid - one part is made of rubber, and the top is made of synthetics or tarpaulin. This shoe must have a special warm upper layer, which can be made of felt, wool or fur.

Shoes for winter fishing
example: Winter boots Norfin Avalanche (-40°)

There is also a separate type of footwear for fishing - waders, they are a unique jumpsuit - a combination of pants and boots made of waterproof material. Also a decent option winter boots, a big plus is that they can be used in everyday wear.

Shoes for winter fishing
example: Norfin Hunting Discovery winter boots (-30°)


If you plan to go night fishing, this item will become a must in your inventory. The main task of the tent is to protect the angler from strong winds and unbearable frost. For winter fishing, there are special series of tents made of light, waterproof materials that are installed directly on the ice.

Ice screw

An important attribute of comfortable winter fishing. It is a simple design based on a rod, a drill and a brace.

What to bring for winter fishing

On sale there are models that fold in half, non-separable options, and even motor ice screws equipped with a gasoline or electric engine. The latter greatly simplify the process of drilling holes.


It is intended for cleaning the hole from crushed ice and thin shell that forms on the surface of the water at a negative air temperature.

Scoop for winter fishing


This device has been used by anglers since ancient times. It is needed to check the strength of the ice cover in front of you in order to determine safe places. The pick must have sufficient sharpening. Otherwise, punching a hole will be a real test, and it will also scare the prey.

Feeding trough

Designed to attract fish to the place where the hole is located. Usually, winter feeders have the shape of a cone with a folding bottom, which is fixed to the base with a hook. Colliding with the bottom, the hook flies out of the wire, the bottom opens, and the bait mixture is in the water.

Preparing for winter fishing


Used to brighten trophy prey. It is recommended to always have a small hook on hand that fits comfortably in the fishing box. Primitive models consist of a handle (plastic or bamboo) 40-50 cm long and a sharp hook 5-7 mm in diameter.


Allows you to unhook the mormyshka, lure, balancer or hook from algae and snags located at the bottom of the reservoir. In most cases, it is a lead wire spiral with a thick fishing line or cord attached. In the case of a hook, the spiral “winds” onto the fishing line of the rod and is released down to the problem area. After contact with a hook or lure, the retriever releases them.

Equipment for winter fishing

Just 10 years ago, any slightly warm clothing that could save you from the cold in winter was recognized as fishing clothing. People who love fishing had to wear 2 pairs of sweaters, woolen socks, pants. Although this equipment saved from all the cold weather, it was problematic to move around in it. In the modern world, thanks to technology and a huge offer on the market, the situation has changed radically - to pick up high-quality equipment for comfortable and safe winter fishing not a problem.

photo: elements.envato, pixibay, norfin
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