What to see in San Francisco

Continuing the journey through USA, today we will talk about San Francisco, which can be called one big attraction of California. Global Deejays and Scott McKenzie sang about this city. This is the Californian dream of millions. To create a general picture of the city, we will tell you what to see in San Francisco. Remember, this city is one of the most expensive in America, it's really worth planning your budget in advance.

The city is so ambiguous and multifaceted that visiting it is fraught with an excess of thoughts “How so?” and “What happened now?”. Diverse people and liberal attitudes have shaped the face of this metropolis, you will either love it or you will never want to come back here.

But in any case, it is necessary to visit San Francisco, walk around the city, feel the atmosphere from the films and breathe in the aroma of American freedom.

First, we recommend climbing Twin Peaks mountain. From its top (weather permitting) offers stunning views of the city and the coast, and evening lights make this place especially romantic.

Going down to the city, one can notice a dense building - the houses are very close to each other. Among ordinary buildings, sometimes you can stumble upon unusual houses built in the Victorian style.

Be sure to visit the most popular street where you can see some colorful victorian houses - Steiner St. This place is visited not only by tourists, they shoot scenes for films, advertisements, news and photographers work there.

A San Francisco travel itinerary is not complete without a checkpoint. "Lombard Street". Surely, many have heard of the most winding street in the world. So this is the famous Lombard St. To give you an idea of ​​how winding it is, imagine: on a stretch of 400 meters you will pass 8 sharp turns. The street is also interesting because it is under a slope of 27 degrees.

view of san francisco

Although this is not a wonder for San Francisco - the whole city is built on hills. And getting into a traffic jam here is easier than ever, because in addition to the city's residents, a lot of tourists come here to ride around the local landmark of San Francisco, paved with red brick and planted with flower beds.

Suspension Golden Gate Bridge is the symbol of San Francisco. Crowds of tourists gather for a photo against the backdrop of the famous bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge is built across the strait of the same name and connects the city with the southern part of Marin County. There is Gauden Gate Recreation Area with camping. The bridge was built in 1937, managed to become the screensaver of the 90s TV series Charmed and was not destroyed in other films. His image was used in the popular game GTA: San Andreas, the emblem with the Golden Gate is used by the NBA Golden State Warriors football club. On the coast there are several observation platforms from which you can see the famous bridge. If you can't see the bridge because of the fog, don't worry, it's temporary. The weather in San Francisco is changeable.

Another impressive bridge Oakland Bay Bridge. It connects the city to Auckland. You can see the bridge from the pier near the market square with the Ferry Building clock tower. Previously, this place was a port, and now there is a market, many shops and cafes. But keep in mind, the prices here are too high.

A little north of the Oakland Bridge, there is an interesting place in San Francisco - Pier 39. In addition to hundreds of sea lions who have found the perfect place to live in this place, there are restaurants, shops, entertainment and attractions. This area has become popular with tourists for another reason. Opposite Pier 39, in the bay, you can see the island where she used to be Alcatraz prisonwhich has now been turned into a popular tourist attraction.

alcatraz prison

Don't pass by aquarium "Aquarium of the Bay". It contains more than 20 thousand representatives of aquatic flora. Jellyfish, sparkling anchovies, sharks, rays, river otters live there.

Nearby is Fisherman's Wharf is one of the attractions. There is Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Those who have not visited such museums in London or New York before can look there. And for seasoned tourists, the museum may seem too small. This quarter houses an open-air museum - Maritime National Historical Park San Francisco. Old ships and ferries are moored here, on board which you can climb and feel like a sailor for a while. Just a few steps from the museum, in Girardelli Square, you can buy delicious souvenirs or enjoy dessert at an old chocolate factory.

A must on your San Francisco to-do list should be riding the famous cable car. This is a kind of funicular tram that follows three lines: Powell-Hyde line, Powell-Mason and California Street Line. In recent years, he began to work mainly for tourists.

And earlier it was one of the usual types of public transport of the townspeople. A detailed history of this unusual tram can be found in the museum, which is located at 24 Willie Mays Plaza.

San Francisco has Chinatown quarter. It is the oldest and largest Chinatown in North America. For those who cannot pass by Chinese cuisine, this place is a real paradise. The block begins at the gates of Chinatown on Grant Avenue. In general, do not pass by.

As for architectural sights, an object unusual for America can be found in the Marina area.

Palace of Fine Arts built in the ancient Greek style of wood and artificial stone in 1915 as one of the 11 palaces of the exhibition complex.

The remaining 10 objects were destroyed. The exquisite Palace of Fine Arts is adjoined by a pond and a park, which gives the object a picturesque look. In one of its parts, for some time, there was an interactive scientific Museum Exploratorium. And since 2013, he moved to the Embarcadero port embankment.

Next to the Palace is a family Walt Disney Museum, founded by Diana Mary - the daughter of cartoonist Walter Disney. For whom Disney cartoons are not an empty phrase, we recommend setting aside a few hours to visit this museum. Photographic materials, installations, sketches of drawings and a lot of interesting things can be found in this magical place.

One of the buildings that stand out among the urban development is City Hall. This is the city government building. The building combines several architectural styles. In it you can catch the classics, gothic, renaissance and baroque, which together create an architectural style bozar. City Hall City Hall decorated with stucco and gilding (this also applies to the interior).

You can also find a piece of France on the streets of San Francisco. Walking down California Street, you'll see grace cathedral, which with its appearance will remind you of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. It looks more "severe", but the stained-glass windows, bronze doors of the "Gates of Paradise", frescoes and tapestries give the cathedral a uniqueness and sophistication.

San Francisco has many parks, squares, museums and places with beautiful views that make it worth coming here.

Where to stay in San Francisco?

Housing is a big problem for budget travelers. Of course, there are a lot of options, there are good hostels where you will pay about $50 per night for a bed, hotels from $100. See the options that are right for you here.

Rent a room or apartment through airbnb.

How to save?

If you are in the city for a short period and want to visit all the main attractions in a quick way, then buying city ​​card. It provides access to almost all major attractions, museums and transport. Very comfortably.

San Francisco's main problem

One of the fat minuses, which can pretty much spoil the impression of the city, is the homeless. There are not many of them, there are a lot of them. Especially in the center. You will be able to see tent cities and the accumulation of madmen in the most unexpected places.

At night, everything looks even more depressing, so be careful.

Otherwise, San Francisco leaves the warmest impressions. And the last tip, do not forget about travel insurance!

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