What to see in New Orleans and how cool to relax? Guide to New Orleans

Great guide and answer to the question what to see in new orleans, in Louisiana. In America, this is a kind of Amsterdam, with eternal fun, jazz music, a sea of ​​​​alcohol, voodoo and European architecture. To what extent this is so, let's find out. But before moving on to observations and thoughts about this city, I would like to start with basic things. Let this be the necessary knowledge before traveling to New Orleans.

11 small recommendations:

  1. Yes, you can really drink outside here. But only in plastic cups or special containers. If you decide to drink from glass, you will be reprimanded by the police.
  2. Remember, everything is problematic with toilets in the center, if you want to relieve yourself on the street, you will get a fine. Even if it seems to you that everyone is doing it, give up this idea.
  3. There is a legend that in New Orleans they show breasts for beads. Sometimes it happens, yes. Advice to girls - don't do it (as sad as it is for me to give this advice). Now everyone has a phone and your photos will immediately fly to social networks.
  4. New Orleans is not only French Quarter. More information about the sights of New Orleans will still be a large block below.
  5. Refuse to travel by car in the city center. Accept it as a fact.
  6. New Orleans is a city of unbridled fun with a huge number of tourists. Accordingly, there are enough different divorces and provocations. Be careful, but don't worry too much, the police work here like nowhere else in the USA.
  7. About divorces. I read one of these online. You will be asked the questionwhere you got your shoes?” (Where did you get your shoes). Surprisingly, I was also asked this question. The best option is to smile, pretend that you don’t understand anything in English and go ahead. If you start chatting, they will pull at least $10 from you or start bullying you.
  8. It's very hot and stuffy in New Orleans. Refuse to travel here in the summer, the best time is autumn and spring.
  9. In the US, by and large, all food is heavy, but NOVA stands out. Don't try to be on a diet here, there is no easy food here.
  10. About traveling with children. It is safe and interesting here, you can safely go. An exception is the time of parties in the center, after 9 pm you should not go to the center with a child.
  11. Cash is cash only. Remove the cash in advance, denominations of 1 and 5. Here it is simply customary to throw a penny to the musicians, without this the city loses its charm.

What to see in New Orleans?

Of course one of the main attractions of New Orleans - French Quarter. And already inside the attraction itself there are many others.

Bourbon Street (Bourbon Street) - the main, noisiest and most touristic street of the city. It would be very strange to come to New Orleans and not look here. There are plenty of bars, loud music and entertainment.

The history of this street begins with the founding of the city in 1718. Since the French claimed the territory of Louisiana, many streets received French names. So the heart of New Orleans, Bourbon Street, was named in honor of the ruling family of France - the Bourbon family.

Often, many European tourists have a question - “Why the French Quarter?”. The architecture is more reminiscent of Spanish architecture, the features of Barcelona are recognizable somewhere. There is a reason for this - a fire in 1788, which destroyed almost the entire city. It was the Spaniards who rebuilt it, hence the architecture.

Jackson Square. Walking through the French Quarter, you will definitely pass by this place.

The central dominant is the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis (Saint Louis Cathedral).

There are always a lot of artists and musicians in front of the main entrance. But fortune-tellers especially attracted my attention - there are a lot of them here.

Cemeteries. Here it is considered absolutely normal to visit such places. Tour groups come here and on their own. Everything looks more than interesting.

There are nuances - you can't get to some cemeteries without an accredited guide. Therefore, instead of popular and extremely touristic St. Louis Cemetery no. 1 and no. 2, go to Saint Louis Cemetery number 3. There are almost no tourists here and the entrance is free (this was the case in 2019).

Museums. The city boasts dozens of interesting museums. It will be interesting to visit Mardi Gras World or The Presbytere - it's all about the most famous Mardi Gras festival.

New Orleans even has death museum. I looked. Small, just a few rooms. Leaves very mixed feelings. Therefore, it can be recommended only to connoisseurs of this genre. The ticket cost $15.

Very visited and popular - The National WWII Museum. This is for those who love aviation. The museum has a fantastic rating and only positive reviews.

Food in New Orleans. The city has many old bars and restaurants. It is difficult to recommend something universal, suitable for everyone and everyone. But there is one place that is very popular with tourists and very inexpensive. Cafe Du Monde. You should go here for classic Orleans sweets and coffee.

New Orleans tours. Where, with whom and how much?

It seems to me that I have never seen so many excursion groups anywhere in the world as in New Orleans. The city is rich in history, which is so lacking in other American cities.

An interesting pastime option is a 2-hour cruise. You can look at the French Quarter from the ship, as well as listen to jazz and have a good rest. The cost is $ 30, you can choose a ticket online and read what awaits you here here.

Go to Louisiana and not see swamps and alligators? Do not do like this! A good option for a 4-hour tour is here here. See wildlife, loved it. The cost is about $40 (transfer included). By the way, on such an excursion was discovered sunken houseboat.

Another excursion that will be interesting in New Orleans - trip to the plantation. Here is an authentic culture, centuries-old trees and an unusual atmosphere.

See all options and offers of excursions in New Orleans at Viator website.

Transportation in New Orleans.

If you plan to travel in this city by public transport, then you are very lucky. The most popular transport Streetcars (Train). A ticket for unlimited rides costs $3 and is valid all day. There is a similar one in San Franciscobut it will be much more expensive there.

A big plus of the tram is a sightseeing tour. You can drive through all the historical sites and see the rhythm of New Orleans. Highly recommend.

How to get to New Orleans?

City of New Orleans is one of the largest port cities in the United States. Also the most populous city in Louisiana. It serves 2 airports. International - Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, as well as regional New Orleans Lake Front Airport.

Your itinerary will depend on the country of departure. A round-trip flight from Minsk airport will cost $850.

And from Moscow it comes out almost 2 times cheaper.

If you are flying to another US city, then feel free to take a car and go on a trip to New Orleans. Remember - America is a country of travel by car.

Where to stay in New Orleans? How much does housing cost?

If you are going to go to one of the most touristic cities in the United States, then be sure to plan your accommodation in advance. You should consider several factors:

  1. March (Mardi Gras festival). Hotels and hostels, apartments airbnb Everything will cost a lot more.
  2. Other festivals and holidays (there are many in New Orleans) - the cost increases significantly.
  3. Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday will be much more expensive.

Almost always I start my search for accommodation through hotel aggregator. Through this metasearch engine you will find the best price for hotels. For example:

For the same hotel in the city center, you will get the following prices (screenshot above). As you can see, Booking has the most expensive offer in this case. This is not always the case, of course.

During his trip, he preferred an authentic hotel on the outskirts of the French Quarter. Take into account the availability of parking and the proximity of public transport.

The rooms are old, the breakfast is simple, but when traveling around America on a limited budget, frills and unnecessary.

Another unusual attraction of the city - Abandoned Six Flags amusement park. Small overview video:

Finally, I would like to add one more piece of advice. Going to USA always take insurance. Without it, in the event of any illness or incident, you can be very unhappy. Read how to choose insurance in America.

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