What to see in Minsk in 1 day

Capital of Belarus is quite a tourist city with elements of European service and a partial atmosphere of the USSR. The city is large and in one day you can only see main attractions. Featured what to see in Minsk in 1 day We will recommend your favorite and popular places.

Start the route right away Upper City. This is the name of one of the most touristic areas of Minsk. In the summer, festivals and various fairs often take place here.

what to see in minsk in 1 day

What you should pay attention to?

  1. Getting to the Upper City is easy. Take the subway to the station Nemiga.
  2. Come out to the side of the Cathedral Square and the Town Hall.

One of the first attractions will be - Cathedral of the Descent of the Holy Spirit

Behind the Cathedral is Church of St. Joseph.

Slightly to the side Church of the Holy Spirit.

The area in front of the church often serves as a concert hall. There are free concerts in the summer. Therefore, if you are looking for something to see in Minsk in one summer, then you have a chance to listen to high-quality music.

Another important attraction Town Hall.

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Across the road from the Town Hall, you can see the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary. For many, it seems unusual how the church is built into the administrative building.


Next, you can walk along Lenin street towards Independence Avenue.

Many buildings in the Stalinist Empire style have been preserved in Minsk, most of them are located in the center.

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Having reached Macdonalds, you will find yourself on the central avenue of the city of Minsk. Slightly to the left is Palace of the Republic.

Next to him is intricate Palace of Culture of Trade Unions. By the way, it contains Museum of Miniatures of Belarus, this is your chance to see the main sights of the country, but quickly. The ticket is inexpensive.

palace of culture of trade unions

If you go from McDonald's along the avenue, then you will find yourself on Independence Square. Here is the shopping center Stolitsa, the building of the State Art Administration, the Minsk City Executive Committee, the main building of the Belarusian State University and perhaps the main attraction - Church of Saints Helena and Simeon.

What else to see in Minsk in 1 day on your own? From our Macdonalds point, go straight along Lenina Street, towards National Art Museum.

At the intersection with Kirova Street you can see the recently reconstructed Dynamo stadium.

stadium in minsk

And what else to see in Minsk in 1 day?

If you go along the pedestrian street along the stadium, you will get to Oktyabrskaya street. The place where industrial and creative Minsk met. There are many unusual establishments, art spaces and graffiti on this street. The place is bright and you will definitely like it.

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vulica brasil 2019

On Oktyabrskaya you can have a good meal. The choice here is large, there is an institution for any visitor. Look at the poster of Minsk, cool events are constantly held in local spaces.

If you have time, then you should return to the center and go to see a few more sights of Minsk. One of the oldest parts of the city is Trinity Suburb. This small island of old architecture stands out in the capital.

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The place is located near the Nemiga metro station, on the opposite bank of the Svisloch River. After seeing the old houses and walking around, go up Maxim Bogdanovich Street. On the square Paris Commune located Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater

opera and ballet theater in minsk

Of the main attractions that you need to see in Minsk, there is an obelisk “Stela – Minsk-city-hero”.

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If you have a little more time, then check out our other guides in Belarus. Also choose an interesting excursion around Minsk.


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