Golshany - This is a fairly large agricultural town in the Oshmyany district. This place is well known in Belarus and is popular with tourists. Why? The reason is quite simple, here is partially preserved Sapieha Palacewhich is slowly being restored. However, apart from the ruins of the castle there is something to see in Golshany. For instance ordinary building from old houses in the center.

What to see in Golshany

Most of these houses belong to the end 19, early 20th century. Made of brick, one-story with an attic or attic, less often two-story. Most of them were built by the Jewish population of Golshan, who were engaged in handicrafts and trade. If you look closely, you can see the blocked entrances. For trade, access to the main street was convenient, but not quite for housing. Therefore, the current owners have changed the layout.

Unusual houses Golshany

Terraced buildings in Golshany

Another interesting object is malls on the central square. Even today small shops and a hotel are located here.

Shopping malls in Golshany

Unfortunately, the building was rebuilt and restored in a modern (well, or slightly Soviet) way, which spoils the impression. Air conditioners on the facade, plastic windows and doors, strange signs and posters - this is not what you want to see on historical buildings.

Shopping arcade Golshany

Center in Golshany

From the shopping arcade you can see another attraction - church and monastery and Franciscans.

Golshany what is interesting

Of interest is the complex of buildings at the intersection of streets Barunskaya and Oshmyanskaya. Since Soviet times, there has been a local dispensary here.

Golshany what to see

Now these houses are empty and look rather abandoned, but interesting in terms of architecture.

Old houses in Golshany

If you walk towards the palace, then along the way, pay attention to a wooden building - this Polish gmina 1928.

What to see in Golshany

Not far from Golshany you can visit Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary и Peter and Paul Church in Traby.


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