From capitals of Belarus all the way popular tourist city about 280 kilometer. This distance can be covered in 3 hours. And if you have a desire, then along the way you can stop by interesting and unusual sights. In this article we will tell what to see on the way to Grodno from Minsk (or vice versa).

What to see on the way to Grodno from Minsk

The easiest way to get to Grodno is by highway M6. It is both faster and the road is newer. Plus, there are places to go along the way. Therefore, all places from this list will be located near this particular route. What to choose - it's up to you.

The nearest possible stop is Rakov

This agro-town is well known to all lovers of traveling around Belarus. Here you can see: a neo-Gothic church, a church of the late 18th century, St Anne's Chapel and a museum.

What to see in Rakov

Route around sights near Minsk

Church in the village of Pershai

Near the track itself is Church of St. Yuri in the village of Pershaibuilt in 1933.


If you are ready for stops, then consider the option Volozhin. Preserved in the city Tyszkiewicz Palace (although you can only see it from the outside) bosom, wooden church.

Church in Volozhin

church of st. Constantine and Elena

Ivye and surroundings

On the way to Grodno it will be interesting city ​​of Ivyerich in attractions. In addition to the standard set in the form of a church and a church, there is a mosque and a building of the former synagogue.


If you don’t want to leave the track, then feel free to go to church in Dudy. The wooden church was built in 1772.

Church in Dudy


If time permits, then you should visit Lida Gediminas Castle. The place is iconic and interesting. Of course, the quality of the reconstruction of the fortress raises questions, but the scope is pleasantly surprising.

Lida castle photo

Near the castle you can see Cathedral и Holy Cross Church 18 century.

Cathedral in Lida

Church in Lida

Tarnovo and Belogruda

A few kilometers from Lida there are a couple more interesting objects. In the village of Tarnovo - water mill ruins и estate Mavrosov.

Windmill in Tarnowo

Homestead in Tarnovo

In Belogrud - Neo-Romanesque church.

Belogruda church

For those who are ready to make a detour

A little away from the M6 ​​highway, you can see 3 churches at once: Waverka, cornflowers и Old cornflowers.


Among the Orthodox churches in Belarus there are only 2 temples of a defensive type. One of them can be seen on the way to Grodno from Minsk in the village Murovanka.

Church in the village of Murovanka


Do you want to see unique 18th century sundial and church, which did not close even during the period of persecution of Catholics? Then go to Ishchelno.

Ishchelno Grodno region


Another regional center, which is intersected by the M6 ​​highway. All sights of the city are located in the historical part. Waiting for you Palace of Drutsky-Lyubetsky, church and monastery of PR, as well as a small 19th century church.

Palace of the Drutsky Lubetskys in Shchuchin

Shchuchinsky church in Belarus


Already at the entrance to Grodno, you can make a stop in the city of Skidel. Among the sights I would like to highlight Neo-Gothic Church of the Virgin Mary, which served as the burial place of the Chetvertinsky family.

Skidelsky church

I hope you found something to see on the way to Grodno from Minsk. More sights of Belarus on the map.

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