If you are walking through a forest or a park and you hear melodic singing with rich, varied sounds - there is a pretty good chance that the "singer" - blackbird. This bird is about 24-26 centimeters in size, as the name suggests, it is black in color, but with a bright yellow beak.

Birds of Belarus - Blackbird

В Belarus Turdus merula is considered quite a common bird that can be found both in the forest and in deciduous city parks. Migratory - flies away in September, and returns at the end of March, but some individuals remain for the winter and do not fly away.

Bird Chorny Drozd

Young blackbirds are brown and lighter in color, making them easily confused with the song thrush or even starling (because of the pimples).

blackbird bird

The bird is widespread throughout the world, from which various myths, legends and stories are associated with it. So the blackbird was considered an unofficial symbol of piety and even hermitage. Because of the color, mystical properties were also attributed to the bird, for example, lightning would not strike the house on which the blackbird settled.

But in ancient Rome, Turdus merula was treated quite differently and used like ordinary chickens, fattening and growing for food.

What does a blackbird bird look like?


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