If you want to visit a country with wonderful mountain air, feel the sea breeze of the Adriatic and admire the beauties of a country whose ecological status is recognized by the world community, then you should definitely visit Montenegro. This is an amazingly hospitable country that welcomes its guests with juicy fruits, whose juices have absorbed the sea and solar energy of this region. A small number of the local population lives on the territory of the country, whose area does not exceed 13812 square kilometers. The locals love their country and carefully take care of it, preserving the natural beauty and proud charm. Nature gave Montenegro a sea coast of 260 square kilometers in length, 73 square kilometers. km of them are equipped with amazing beaches where you can enjoy the local exotic.

The clean Adriatic Sea, washing the shores of Montenegro, gives everyone the opportunity to observe marine life from the surface of the water, because the Adriatic is still clean, like a primeval creation. The pebbly beaches of the Herceg Nova Riviera, in Bar and Sutomore make an indelible impression on those who see them for the first time. And the artificial beaches in Tivat and Herceg Novi are not inferior in comfort and convenience to the beaches of other resort towns.

The geographical position of Montenegro forms its peculiar climate. There is a long summer here, which begins in May and ends with the first months of autumn. Summer in Montenegro is much milder than in Europe. The average temperature rarely rises above +27 degrees. And only at the very peak of solar heat, the air warms up to +40. The sea has a very comfortable temperature for swimming throughout the swimming season. It is warm and enveloping here. Winter is fleeting. Snow is a rare occurrence, because the zero balance of cold and heat is a common occurrence in the Montenegrin winter. Montenegro is a relatively calm Slavic state, which is surrounded along the perimeter by Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania. In these regions, if desired, you can get out with an excursion:

Montenegro has something to be proud of. On its territory passes the highest railway line, which connects the neighboring Serbian Belgrade with the coastal Montenegrin Bar. The height of this branch reaches one hundred and ninety-eight meters, which you will not find anywhere else.

America is not the only place of giant canyons. In Montenegro, the canyon of the Tara River at 1300 meters is able to compete in beauty and length with any similar natural object. If you climb the bridge at Mount Cherevats, you will see the deepest point of this depression.

Montenegro is the owner of the largest natural fjord in Europe, which pierces the land and rises above it at a height of about 30 km. The Gulf of Kator is a bay of about 90 square kilometers, unique in its beauty.

Montenegro - democratic attitude to any manifestations of independence and self-expression. It is no coincidence that the nudist trend is very popular in this country, the center of Ada Bojana has a large number of adherents of this ideology.

Montenegro may surprise you with the largest beach in Europe. Its length is more than 14 kilometers in length. Ulcinj can be proud of such an achievement.

Not every small country, like Montenegro, can boast of having large and long rivers, such as Tara, Lim, Chekhotina and Moraca, Zeta and Bojana. Their total length exceeds 561 km of water space.

Montenegro excursions in Russian

On the territory of this country is the largest lake in the Balkans. The Skadar reservoir has a scandalous reputation. On one of its many islands was a prison for political prisoners. This page of the history of Montenegro has already been closed, but the memories of it in the form of the remaining buildings are still stored on the territory of the islands. Excursions in Russian in Budva:

Smaller in size, but deeper into the depths of the Black Lake. The locals call it "Mountain Eyes" because its two-dimensional structure resembles two communicating vessels. Durmitor National Park protects it from extraneous attention and preserves its pristine beauty for its descendants.

The complex interweaving of Montenegrin rivers has a different water system. Some of them are the forerunners of the Black Sea, others belong to the Adreatic basin. But the purity and diversity of aquatic life speaks of a special atmosphere, which is carefully guarded by local authorities and is the pride of the country.

Unique conditions for local flora and fauna are also created in the large Biogradska Gora reserve. Here you can still see majestic fir trees, which are more than four hundred years old. Not every country can boast of two hundred and fifty hectares of untouched forest, which hides under its shadow the most beautiful Biograd Lake with a length of 3300 km of purest water.

Fans of conquering mountain peaks will be attracted by alpine massifs damnation и Durmitor. The heights of their peaks rise approximately 2600 meters above sea level.

You can list a lot of unique natural structures that have become the hallmark of Montenegro. Both the nature reserves Durmitor, Lovcen, Kotor, and the Nevidno canyon with a length of more than 4 km, and the stunning lakes - all this emphasizes the peculiar flavor of the small Balkan country, makes it unique and attractive to visit.

Montenegro is a country with a deep history. This confirms the presence of holy places, which are very revered by Christians around the world. Cetinje Monastery carefully preserves religious relics. The right hand of John the Baptist and the relics of St. Peter of Tsitinsky, the remains of Theodore Stratilates make it a place of worship and pilgrimage for all Orthodox people.

In another, no less revered monastery, Ostrog, the relics of Vasily Ostrog and the holy martyr Stanko are kept. They are incorruptible, which proves the mighty purpose of these great God's people.

In general, in any local monastery, the remains of people whose lives were dedicated to serving people are kept. The Banya Monastery protects the ashes of St. George the Victorious, who is so revered by all Slavic peoples.

Each monastery is unique in its decoration. Ancient frescoes tell of the great images of the defenders of the country, who gave their lives to save their fellow citizens or suffered defending the Orthodox faith.

Savina Monastery, Ždrebaonik, Chelija Piperska, Daibabe, St. Nicholas, Piva and Kosirievo monasteries, Moraca Monastery, Miholska Prevlaka and the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin - all of them keep the remains of prominent people from the point of view of religion. Saint Fevronius, the second Archbishop of Serbia, Stefan of Pipersky, Saint Simeon of Daybabsky, Archimandrite Safonius found peace here, as well as parts of the relics of Saint Charalambius, George of Armenia, Saint Eleftherius, the Apostle Luke and the relics of Prevlachsky are stored in these monasteries.

The history of the monastery buildings dates back to the XNUMXth century. Currently, she can tell about sixty monuments of religious buildings from different eras, which are well preserved to this day. Many architectural monuments of Montenegro are taken under the protection of UNESCO, as a living proof of the great deeds of their predecessors.

Modern Montenegro is an open country. This is a secular state that does not prohibit the activities of the church. Today, four dioceses perfectly coexist in the country, which are developing in an independent direction. The official holidays of the country are diluted with church ones. In Montenegro, New Year, Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Labor Day, and Republic Day are equally well celebrated.

Tourism is well developed in the country, package tours with reviews can be viewed at link. The average cost starts from 60000 rubles.

The presence of four modern airports, which are located in Podgorica и Tivate hospitably serve all arriving guests. You can easily rent a car or hotel.

Montenegro is a country that is not alien to the benefits of civilization. There is a good mobile connection here, represented by T-mobile, Pro-Monte, M:tel, so no one will have problems with roaming. But, as elsewhere, it is better to buy a local telephony card and use cheap services of cellular operators, especially since you can buy them in any store or small kiosk. A good alternative to international SIM cards, they wrote about them here here.

Arriving guests who want to call a mobile phone from a city phone should only dial the code that indicates the desired operator. In order to call from a pay phone to anywhere in the country or even abroad, it is enough to purchase a card that is sold at any post office. For Internet lovers in the cities of Montenegro, a network of Internet cafes has been organized, which works seven days a week.

Coming to Montenegro, you should remember some rules of conduct that will save you money that you can spend paying heavy fines.

Tips Montenegro

For example, driving in a car with a seat belt not fastened will cost 20 euros, and car headlights not turned on during the day will force you to go broke for 30 euros.

It is impossible to flaunt, violating the speed limit, otherwise a fine of 35 euros is guaranteed.

Do not forget the documents confirming your permission to operate this vehicle, and do not talk while driving on a mobile phone, this is severely punished in Montenegro.

If you cross the border of the state by car, you will definitely be offered to insure it. You can get insurance right there. Don't forget about travel insurance.

Remember that there is no central gas supply system in the country. There are no problems with electricity in the country.

All houses in Montenegro are heated in the old stove way or with the help of electric heaters.

Hot water is also heated by electricity in each case.

Modern buildings provide central heating and hot water distribution throughout the house. This information will help those people who have looked after their own housing in this beautiful country. Look for rooms and apartments in Montenegro here.

Central water supply is present only in coastal cities. In the rest - imported water, you have to pay for it, for drinking water the payment is taken separately. There are central sewerage systems in big cities.

When entering the country, remember that you can take 7000 euros with you without filling out a declaration, the import of tobacco products, alcoholic and perfumery products is limited.

You need a permit to import sporting weapons and weapons that are intended for hunting or fishing. Unregistered weapons and ammunition are prohibited; narcotic substances, poisons, and dangerous mixtures fall under the import ban.

An animal that does not have a sanitary and veterinary permit is best left at home. Non-certified products and plants are also prohibited from entering the country. Do not take with you amateur radios that do not have a license from certain agencies and accompanying documents provided by the CEPT authorities.

Incoming passengers from international airlines must go through customs clearance in the Red and Green Corridors.

Before collecting luggage, everyone will be informed about the list of things prohibited when entering the country. According to it, everyone can compare and identify what can then cause the problem of passing through customs control. The red corridor is intended for those who need to pay duties on imported goods. Green - skips the rest. Don't be surprised if you're subjected to a thorough search here. The selective procedure is a necessary measure for the safety of passenger traffic. If you do not know where to go, head to the Red Zone, they will tell you what to do next.

If you are going to live in this country, count on local transport. One liter of gasoline ninety-fifth costs 1,20 euros in Montenegro, brand ninety-eighth will cost 1,18 euros, diesel fuel costs about 1,10 euros per liter.

Montenegro is one of the Balkan countries, which has something to see, where to go to relax in order to enjoy the pristine nature. And even though it is far from the service that pompous Europe is accustomed to, true lovers of picturesque antiquity will be delighted by Montenegro with numerous monuments of unique antiquity.


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