Fly low-cost airline, on a business trip or for a short time? In all these cases, there is no need to take a large suitcase, it is enough to take a few things in carry-on luggage. Firstly, it is convenient, because you do not have to wait for baggage claim after arrival. Secondly, it is economical, since you do not need to overpay for extra baggage. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to choose a suitcase for hand luggage on an airplane.

Regular suitcase and carry-on suitcase: what's the difference?

The main characteristic of a suitcase is its size. All suitcases are divided into:

  • small S - no higher than 55 cm and a capacity of about 32 liters;
  • medium M – not more than 70 cm high and up to 86 liters in volume;
  • large L - in height from 70 cm and above, with a volume of 90-156 liters.

Aircraft suitcase

Suitcases of the second and third groups are used for long group or single trips and are always checked in as luggage.

Small suitcases are most often taken into the cabin of the aircraft, as they fit the requirements of airlines in terms of size. hand luggage.

Since the baggage allowance in the cabin for all airlines different, want to carry as many things as possible, then when choosing a suitcase, you must pay attention attention:

  • on the material from which it is made suitcase.
  • number of wheels.
  • protruding handles and other details.

It must be remembered that if calibrator will not fit, at least a handle, it is likely that the carrier will force you to pay extra for baggage allowance.

wizz air baggage limit

Therefore, when choosing ordinary suitcase more attention is paid to the strength of the material from which it is made. When choosing a suitcase for hand luggage on an airplane, the main thing is lightness and compactness.

How to choose a suitcase for hand luggage?

Choosing the right suitcase will help ensure the maximum level of comfort during the flight and get rid of possible inconvenience.

Material: plastic or fabric

Plastic suitcases durable and strong. They are not afraid of scratches, bumps and falls, dirt, moisture. After the trip, just wipe it with a damp cloth, and it's clean again. If the suitcase has a titanium lid, then it is definitely indestructible and will last forever. Do you need to bring your camera or laptop with you? Such a suitcase, even when falling or colliding with an obstacle, will keep your equipment intact.

Hand luggage suitcase

Fabric suitcases are made of polyester or nylon. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the density of the material, the more den, the longer the suitcase will last. Side pockets provide extra volume and the ability to take more things.

Plastic suitcases are often heavier, while fabric suitcases are much lighter. Stretchy material and additional external compartments increase storage capacity. This can be convenient when the suitcase is already full, and after boarding the plane, it became necessary to remove things from oneself and put them in luggage. In addition, fabric suitcases are cheaper than plastic models.

Wheels: two or four

Suitcases for four are convenient - they do not need to be pulled by the handle, you can easily push ahead - they go by themselves. But the extra two wheels are extra weight, so when choosing a suitcase for hand luggage, you should stop at two wheel model.

How to choose a carry-on suitcase

The most reliable are considered rubber wheels, they do not rattle, dampen the bumps in the road and do not burst from a strong blow, unlike their silicone counterparts.

 A pen

Since the suitcase will always be with the traveler, and it needs to be lifted, then weighed, the handle will be constantly in motion. Therefore she must be durable, move freely and sink tightly into the body. It is important that in the recessed state it does not protrude beyond the perimeter of the suitcase, as it must fit freely into the calibrator.

Choosing a suitcase for hand luggage on an airplane

 Compartments in a suitcase for hand luggage

Compartments allow you to organize the space in the suitcase. In addition, many airlines have different baggage allowances, so external pockets and side zippers around the perimeter can allow you to increase the volume of the suitcase and make it a little larger, if allowed by the carrier's regulations.


To protect luggage from being opened by strangers, most suitcases are equipped with combination locks, sometimes with a complex system. TSA. However, hand luggage is always with the traveler, so it makes no sense to spend money on additional protection, just pick up suitcase with a quality zipper.

Suitcase for hand luggage on an airplane weight and dimensions


It is better to choose bright colors for suitcases that are checked in as luggage, so that it is easier to find on the luggage belt and not to be confused with strangers. For hand luggage, this is not a mandatory requirement; you can’t confuse it on the luggage rack of an airplane, so in this case color does not matter.

How to get to Hamburg airport

 Universal dimensions for carry-on luggage on an airplane

Different airlines, different requirements. This should always be remembered and double-checked before each travel. For example, the main carrier BelarusThe company Belavia, has the following requirements:

Hand luggage on Belavia aircraft

The legislation of the Russian Federation establishes standards for the carriage of hand luggage on board its air carriers.  The passenger is allowed to take 5 kg of hand luggage, but the maximum weight and size is determined by the airline. The amount of free kilos also depends on the class and fare.

How to choose a suitcase for hand luggage on an airplane size, weight

Examples of hand luggage dimensions set by some Russian and foreign carriers:

Air carrierDimensions (cm)Weight, kg)
aeroflot55x 40x 2510
S7× × 55 40 2310
Ural airlines55h40h205
Ayr Astana56x45x258
Air France55h35h2510
Turkish Airlines55h40h2310
Emirates55x 38x 207
Red Wings40x30x205
Victory36x30x27no weight restrictions

The most serious restrictions for hand luggage on an airplane in terms of size and weight are most often introduced by low-cost airlines. Most carriers allow weight up to 10 kg. As for baggage allowances, a universal suitcase should not exceed 55 cm in height, 40 cm in length and 20 cm in width. Such dimensions will allow the use of luggage during a transit flight, where a change of airline is possible, and hence size requirements.

I hope this article was useful to you and helped you choose a suitcase for hand luggage on an airplane.


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