Chechersk, Gomel region, has a rich and long history with its ups and downs. Even today, the city has enough interesting architectural monuments, but before the events of the mid-20th century there were much more of them. So, for example, near the settlement “Castle Hill” there used to be two twin temples: one catholic, the second orthodox. Not a trace of these religious buildings has been preserved, only old photographs.

Lost heritage of Chechersk - church and church
both temples are in the photo (until 1917). On the left is the Church of the Holy Trinity, on the right is the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin

The Church of the Nativity of the Virgin and the Trinity Church were located opposite each other along Zamkova Street (*now this is Victory Street).

Chechersk Belarus

The history of the church began in 1754, when Jesuit monks from Mogilev opened their mission in Chechersk. At first they built a small kalitsa, and only then a wooden church.

After Chechersk became part of the Russian Empire in 1772, the new owner of the city, Count Chernyshev, ordered it to be thoroughly rebuilt. These changes also affected the church, which was eventually rebuilt completely from scratch in a new architecture. The construction work was completed in 1784 year.

Church in the city of Chechersk
this is what the church in Chechersk looked like (schematically)

В 1780 year4 years earlier, the church was already rising. Both temples were made in the architectural style of classicism, had two two-tiered towers and a massive dome.

Lost heritage in Chechersk
this is what the church in Chechersk looked like (schematically)

A temple similar to these was built in the very center of Chechersk - Transfiguration Church. It also has the shape of a rotunda, apparently Chernyshev had a weakness for such architecture.

Spaso-Preobrazhenskaya Church in Chechersk

Even before the start of World War II church and church in Chechersk closed. During the German occupation, the buildings were badly damaged and were no longer used.

Where was the church in Chechersk

By the end of the 50s, the ruins of religious buildings were finally dismantled, and private development began in their place.

Ruins of a church in Chechersk
source: Slyunkova “Temples and monasteries of Belarus of the XNUMXth century as part of the Russian Empire”

Below is a mark with the place where these temples were probably located:

A must see in Chechersk unique town hallwhere the local museum operates. Partially preserved not far from the historical center Chernyshev-Kruglikov Palace.

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