Catholic Chapel of St. Anne in Rakov

At the Rakovskoe Catholic cemetery there is a neo-Gothic Chapel of Saint Annebuilt in 1862. The tomb in Rakov in size and shape is more like a small church. In front of the chapel, a three-arched gate-bell tower of the mid-19th century has been preserved.

I am pleased that the place is very well-groomed and inspected. There is no hint of devastation or abandonment here.

There is an interesting legend about the miraculous spring under the chapel in Rakov. So one weak and blind old man came to these lands, and the Mother of God pointed to a place where it was worth digging. Having drunk from the source, the old man received his sight, and on the site of the source they laid a chapel, which is often considered the chapel of St. Anne, but this is not so. There really is a spring itself, but it is located under another chapel, literally a 5-minute drive from this place.

What else is worth seeing city ​​of Rakov? Be sure to check out the center, here is Transfiguration Churchand Church of Our Lady of the Rozhentsova and St. Dominic. More sights of Belarus on the map.

chapel in a shrine

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