Not far from the fortress walls Gediminas Castle in Lida there is an interesting attraction that is often not given any attention - this ancient cemetery with the chapel of St. Barbara. The history of the place dates back to the second half of the 18th century, when part of the pine forest near the castle was given over to the parish Catholic cemetery. In 1805, the first wooden chapel was built here, consecrated in honor of St. Barbara, on the site of which, 130 years later, a stone chapel will be erected.

Chapel of St. Barbara at the ancient cemetery in Lida

In addition to the temple, the cemetery itself is also interesting, where there are quite old burials. Walking around the vast territory, you can easily find graves from the mid-19th century with unusual tombstones.

Ancient cemetery in Lida

A little further into the cemetery there is a dilapidated tomb that probably belonged to the Grublis family.

Abandoned tomb in Lida

It is known that the fence around the Lida cemetery was made in 1840 at the expense of Klara Yakovitskaya. There is also an interesting fact related to the temple. When the Carmelite monastery was closed in Lida and PR (after the uprising of 1830), services were held in this small cemetery chapel.

Chapel of St. Barbara at the ancient cemetery in Lida

Construction of the Church of St. Barbara began from stone in 1930, but work progressed slowly. There is an assumption that the chapel was not finished before the start of the war. It was ennobled already in the early 2000s by renovating the entrance area.

Grave with an image of oak leaves

Many eminent representatives of Belarus are buried in the ancient cemetery in Lida, including doctors, scientists, writers, and activists.

Rebel grave in Lida

The chapel is located on Radyuka Street, below is the location on the map:

If you are in these parts, I recommend to go to Tarnovo и Belogrud.


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