The agricultural town of Kholkhlovo is located near Molodechno, 80 kilometers from Minsk. Main attraction - wooden church of the Virgin Mary. Behind the temple there is another interesting object - chapel-tomb of the Yazvinskys. Built in 1846-47 by a local landowner Vikenty Yazvinsky.

The stone building belongs to the architectural style - classicism (late).

The tomb in Kholkhlovo looks ambiguous. On the one hand, it can be seen that the roof was recently replaced and cosmetic repairs were carried out. On the other hand, the general state of abandonment.

Access to the chapel is free, located to the left of the temple.

tomb of the Yazvinskys

The tomb of the Yazvinskys is located to the left of the Church of the Virgin Mary, marked with a dot on the map:

Map of attractions in Belarus, as well as options tours around the country.

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Maria Kuznetsova
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