If you go from the city Zaslavl to the side village of Novoe Pole, then along the way you can see chapel-tomb of old kind Vishnevsky. The stone chapel is located between the village Teiki и Malaya Borzdyn, in the cemetery, near the highway. The chapel is under restoration, it is being restored by local enthusiast Yuriy Boyko at his own expense.

Chapel tomb of Vishnevsky

It was built as a family tomb of the Vishnevsky family in 1884 from large rubble stone. The building has Neo-Gothic features.

Vishnevsky Chapel

To the right and left of the entrance there are memorial plaques of noblemen Vishnevsky.

Vishnevsky Chapel

Vishnevsky's grave

In the 30s of the 20th century, the Vishnevsky chapel was plundered. In Soviet times, it arrived in a neglected state and gradually collapsed.

Chapel Vishnevsky abandoned

Vishnevsky Chapel

In 2014-15, work began on the preservation of the chapel-tomb: the roof was covered, the pediment was restored, the walls were strengthened, windows and doors were inserted, and the area was cleared.

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