urban settlement Russia and all its main attractions are quite closely related to the genus Potockiwho had a family estate here. And if the Trinity Church and Orthodox church trying to see chapel-tomb of Potocki often overlooked.

Neo-Gothic chapel of St. Stephen in the village of Ross

This interesting building is located in the Catholic cemetery and in its architecture is somewhat reminiscent of Church of St. Helena and Simeon in Minsk. Neo-Gothic features are also visible here, but neo-Romanesque style still prevails.

Examples of Neo-Gothic architecture in Belarus

Neogothic chapel in the urban village of Ross

The tomb was built from 1901 to 1903 for the last owner of the town of Ross - Count Stefan Potocki. The initiative for this work was taken over by his sister, Jadwiga Branitskaya, who ordered the design of the chapel from a local Jewish master, Teofil Luba.

Ancient cemetery in the urban village of Ross

For the construction of the chapel, they used their own brick, even today if you try, you can find the stamp of the local plant "Ros".

Temple at the cemetery in the urban village of Ross

But decorative elements and various temple attributes have already been brought from Warsaw. Polish artist Frantisek Eismond was engaged in the design of the interior of the chapel. Through his efforts, an altar appeared and an icon of St. Stephen was painted, a copy of the work of Lorenzo Libert from the church of San Michele in Florence.

Ancient cemetery Ross

Count Potocki died in 1910 and is buried in this chapel. A sarcophagus with a tombstone was made for him, which was not located in the crypt, but slightly above the floor. According to rumors, before his death, Stefan Potocki often joked that he was afraid of getting rheumatism in a damp crypt, which is why the sarcophagus was placed higher.

In Soviet times, the chapel-tomb was looted, Potocki's grave was defiled, and the sarcophagus itself was smashed in an attempt to find valuables and treasures. After the 90s, the chapel was restored and mothballed, and what little was left of the old wooden altar was transferred to the church.

Neo-Gothic chapel of St. Stephen in the urban village of Ross

St Stephen's Chapel is located on the outskirts of the urban village, at the end of Krasnoarmeyskaya street, below is a point with a mark on the map:

If you are in Russia, I recommend to see a small but beautiful Potocki's gardener's house. If possible, go to Volkovysk и Volpu.

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