On the main street of the urban village Holopenichi you can see the ruins of an Orthodox church built in the middle of the 19th century. Former Assumption Church It was built on the site of a small wooden church that had stood there since 1712. Finished work on the stone building by 1863.

Kholopenichi what to see?

The result was a rather traditional Orthodox church in architecture, having the shape of an elongated cross. The facade was distinguished by a wide bell tower, ending with an onion dome, and on the sides there were two symmetrical sacristies.

Ruins of a church in the village of Holopenichi

Holopenichi temple ruins

An interesting fact is that the temple remained active almost until the very end of the Second World War, but was badly destroyed in 1944, after which it was not restored.

Assumption Church in Kholopenichi

A native of Kholopenichi, Adam Bogdanovich (father of Maxim Bogdanovich), wrote a lot about this temple in his memoirs. A monument was even erected in his honor in the center of the village.

The ruins of the temple in the village of Holopenichi

Agricultural town Holopenichi, Belarus

The ruins of the temple are mothballed and fenced, the area around looks quite inspected. In the late 90s, a small wooden church began to be built in the neighborhood, where services are held today.

Agricultural town Kholopenichi, Minsk region

Old Tsarva ў Halopenichakh
krynitsa: “Balzunkevich’s Kalektsy” from the Globus Belarus site, dated 1900

The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is located on Revolutionary Street, below is a point with a mark on the map:

Another attraction in Kholopenichi is the building of the former Dominican monastery. If you are in these parts, I advise you to go to Cherei to see the picturesque temple ruins on the peninsula.

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