Religion has been an integral part of people's lives since early centuries. Therefore, it is not surprising that on territory of Belarus built a large number catholic и Orthodox churches. Many great monuments of history and architecture have been lost, and now we can see them only in the form of ruins, or in old paintings and photographs. However, how much churches in Belarus survived and still keeps traces of the clergy of bygone times! The figure is rather big - more than 1200 Orthodox churches are open in Belarus. Among them there are those that stand out for antiquity, architecture or a special atmosphere. We have prepared our top 10 Belarusian churches.

Kolozha church

The impressive, ancient temple was founded in 1180. Repeated destruction and restoration gave the church a special look. Old bricks and stones in the walls are unevenly distributed. Kolozha church protected by UNESCO and attracts many tourists.

The temple is located in Grodno.

Church of St. Michael the Archangel

No doubt about Church of St. Michael in Synkovichi heard by many. An architectural monument unique for Belarus was built in the 16th century near Slonim and still has not lost its greatness. Elements of late Gothic, eclecticism and renaissance can be traced in the forms of the church. The church is crowned with four towers, under each of which was previously a crypt.

Sophia Cathedral

One of the first churches in Belarus, which marked the arrival of Christianity in our lands, has been preserved in Polotsk. The shrine was built in the 11th century by decree of Vseslav the Enchanter. Since then Sophia Cathedral is the religious center of our country.

St. Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk

Every year, concerts of chamber and organ music are held in Polotsk Sofia. Excursions in Polotsk, as well as an overview video of the temple:

Holy Dormition Cathedral

The young cathedral Vitebsk, erected on the site of a destroyed Uniate church of the 18th century, is located on a hill with a wonderful view of the city and the Western Dvina River.

Assumption Cathedral in Vitebsk

Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit

Architects in 1642 created in Minsk a vivid example of the Sarmatian Baroque. They became the temple of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, which was erected on Nemiga.


Like many churches, the Holy Spirit Cathedral was built for the Catholic Bernardine Order. However, later the church was rebuilt and given to the Orthodox Church. Due to its favorable location, this cathedral is one of the main and most visited sights of the city.

Church in Sarya

The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary with all its appearance says that it was built as a church. In the middle of the 19th century in Sarya, Ignatius Lopatinsky began the construction of a temple in memory of his late wife. At different times, the temple alternately belonged to the Catholic and Orthodox churches. But in the end it was transferred to the Orthodox denomination.


The Assumption Church and the adjacent park with exotic trees are included in the list of historical and cultural values ​​of Belarus.

Borisoglebskaya church

During the GDL on the territory of modern Novogrudok one of the most beautiful churches in Belarus was built - Borisoglebsky. However, anyone can visit the shrine, which is 500 years old, and on any day. The Gothic Church of the Holy Martyrs Princes Boris and Gleb was built of brick in the form of a ship and was rebuilt more than once, incorporating features of the Baroque and pseudo-Russian style into its image.

Church in Novogrudok Belarus

In 2010 the church was reconstructed. Onion domes were installed on the towers, which are not typical for the architecture of the temple, which caused discontent among the narrow circles of the Belarusian intelligentsia.

Church of the Intercession

The Grodno region is rich in sights and religious buildings. In the small village of Turets, in the Korelichi district, in the 19th century, a Church of the Intercession. It was laid out of stone in the retrospective Russian style, which was popular in Belarus during the construction of the temple. The Church of the Intercession of the Holy Mother of God is richly decorated and crowned with five domes. To the right of the main entrance rises a two-tiered bell tower.

Transfiguration Church

A massive, but no less attractive temple in Zaslavl - an interesting object and one of the shrines of the Belarusian people.

Zaslavskaya church

It is noteworthy that Church of the Transfiguration acted as a defensive structure, as evidenced by the loopholes on the main tower. The building of the 16th-17th centuries originally belonged to the Calvinists and only in the 18th century was transferred to the Orthodox Church.

Peter and Paul Church

From the distant 18th century, another church has come down to us - Church of Saints Peter and Paul. It is located in Bereza, 110 km from Brest. The Peter and Paul Church is a beautiful stone temple, which, after reconstruction, acquired a new look. In the architecture of the Peter and Paul Church, one can note the features of the Russian-Byzantine style.

Of course, we have not listed all the churches in Belarus that deserve attention. Other attractions on the map.


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