Orthodox church in the agricultural town Vishnevo begins its history in 1863. After the suppression of the uprising, in those days, churches began to be actively built, often according to a standard project. Its common name is ants, such temples were received in honor of the Governor-General Muravyov. Was no exception and Vishnevo churchwhich was completed by 1865.

Contradictions and disputes arose during the construction of the church in Vishnevo. The Catholic clergy did not approve of the choice of location, as there was Church of the Annunciation. Times were not in favor of the Catholics, so construction began. However, the community of local Jews was also dissatisfied. On the day of lighting the construction site, there was a protest, people were against the fact that the land was taken away by force.

The next morning, this dispute was also resolved. It is quite possible that a detachment of Cossacks, who were sent to sort out the situation, helped.

Church of Saints Cosmas and Demyan in Vishnevo refers to the retrospective-Russian style of architecture.

In early 2005, work began on the restoration of the temple. The adjacent territory was thoroughly improved, the roof, dome and decorative elements were updated. The entrance gate has also been restored. The work took almost 10 years, but the result is really worthy.

The town of Vishnevo itself owes much to an old family Khreptovichi. Almost every attraction is partially or completely associated with their activities.

It will also be interesting to visit the former hunting residence - Odrovonzh, a few kilometers from the church. Location of the temple on the map:

Not far from these places is World War I cemetery – Desyatniki. More sights of Belarus on our map.


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