former village Vishnevets, and today the agro-town is interesting for its main attraction - Church of St. John the Baptist. The temple was founded back in 1742, when the territory of the town of Vyshnevets was part of the village of Govezno. The construction was carried out through the efforts of the Benedictine Order, to which Nikolai Radziwill donated these lands back in the 16th century.

Church of St. John the Baptist in the agricultural town of Vyshnevets

Initially, the church was Uniate, rebuilt in 1839 and became Orthodox.

Temple on the way to Nesvizh

In 1852, it was decided to rebuild the church in the village of Vyshnevets. The temple was given a more Orthodox look, the appearance of which has been preserved until modern times.

Around the same time, a stone fence appeared around the church site, as well as belfry gate (it was dismantled and rebuilt recently).

Gate and church Vyshnevets

The church is located on the P54 highway connecting Columns и Inconclusive. So those who go from Minsk в Nesvizh Castle, probably, willy-nilly, they will see this temple.

Among other things, on this road you can visit 2 more interesting places: New Sverzhen и New Novoselki.

Vyshnevets church

At the end of 2013, the church was overhauled and painted. The Church of St. John the Baptist is easy to find, see the mark below:

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