Vorotsevichi is a village in the Ivanovsky district, Brest region, known for the fact that an artist, composer and traveler was born here Napoleon Orda. In the annals, these lands are mentioned as early as the end of the 15th century, as the possession of Matvey Grichino. One of the attractions of Vorotsevichy is Holy Cross Church the second half of the 19th century, made in the pseudo-Russian style traditional for that time.

Holy Cross Church in the village of Vorotsevichi

Similar temples were popularly called “ants”, they were actively built after the suppression of the 1863 uprising. Vorotsevichy Church was no exception in this regard, it was built in 2 stages. First, the main volume, and by 1882, the construction of a three-tier belfry tower was completed.

Holy Cross Church in the village of Vorotsevichi

An interesting fact is that an ancient icon depicting Jesus Christ is kept in the temple, which was presented to the church by Napoleon Orda himself.

Perhaps it’s not worth going to Vorotsevichi specifically for the sake of this church, but you can look along the way. Moreover, the road to the temple is picturesque, and almost every pillar has a nest with storks.

Why is it worth going to Vorotsevichi? museum and restored manor Ordov.

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