On the shore of one of the most beautiful reservoirs Belarus, Vileika reservoir, is located agro-town Vyazyn. Few have heard about the sights of this place. Vyazyn is located in the Vileyka district, 85 km from Minsk, if you drive on the P28 road. Among the attractions you can visit Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary и Church of the Intercession. The church in Vyazyn was erected in 1864 on the site of an old church that had been destroyed.

The Church of the Intercession can be seen at the entrance to Vyazyn. The blue wooden temple is an architectural monument made in a retrospective Russian style.

Church in the village of Vyazyn
old photo, scan from a book

The temple is surrounded by a stone and wooden fence. The current church is included in the list of historical and cultural values ​​of Belarus and is the decoration of the village.

With the advent of Soviet power, a club was located in the church, which operated until the 90s. The dilapidated building was restored and reopened to parishioners in 2005.

Church location:

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