In the city Kletskliterally 15 km from Nesvizh, an ancient architectural monument of the 17th century has been preserved - Resurrection Church, but initially it was Dominican church at the monastery.

Resurrection Church in Kletsk

The beginning of the construction of the temple falls on 1683 year (*in some sources there is a different date - 1776 year). At that time these lands belonged to Stanislav Kazimir Radziwill, who founded the church for the monks of the Order of St. Dominic who arrived in Kletsk.

Old photo of Kletsk
Snapshot before 1943, fire in the temple. Source:

The place for the monastery was chosen on the market square of the old Kletsk.

Former Dominican church in Kletsk

The church was built of brick in the Baroque style and was consecrated with the name Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Holy Resurrection Church

Resurrection Church in Kletsk

A residential building for Dominican monks was rebuilt next to it. Now in this historic building there is an employment center and a regional archive.

building of the monastery of the Dominicans Kletsk

Since 1783, an elementary school has operated at the monastery. For the active participation of the Dominicans in the uprising of 1830-31, the school and the monastery were closed, and the monks were sent to Nesvizh. The building of the monastery itself at that time was transferred to the military under the barracks.

Resurrection Church, and originally a church, in Kletsk

Church to church - how did it happen?

For more than 10 years the church was empty, then it was converted into an Orthodox church. In 1854 the temple was repaired with the money of the Radziwills.

What the church looked like in Kletsk
circa 1941

At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a fire that caused noticeable damage to the Kletsk church. There were no funds for restoration and the temple stood half-abandoned for a long time.

What to see in Kletsk

Reconstruction of the church in Kletsk

Since the 60s, a gym has been operating within the walls of the temple, and a little later - a warehouse of one of the local factories. In the 80s, a three-story brick hostel building was added close to the church, which today has a rather unattractive appearance.

Church of the Dominicans Kleck

In early 1990, the church was again handed over to the Orthodox community. Through the efforts of local residents, the reconstruction of the majestic temple began. The façade was plastered and painted, while the roof was covered with red tiles and onion domes. Finding a church in Kletsk is easy, see the location on the map:

If you are passing through the city, be sure to visit Church of the Intercession, yeshiva и Polish military barracks.

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Sasha Poshykovich
Sasha Poshykovich
3 years ago

A beautiful temple, the only thing that spoils the appearance is the administrative building right in front of the entrance