Partially restored The Annunciation Church located on the banks of the Western Dvina in the agricultural town Druya. This temple was built in the first half of the 18th century, and in many sources there is even an exact date - 1740 year.

Church of the Annunciation in Druya

Thanks to the artist's sketches Strukov Dmitry Mikhailovich you can see how the temple looked originally.

Church in Druya ​​in 1864
Drawing of 1864, author: Strukov D. M.

The belfry tower, which added a pseudo-Russian style to the church, appeared at the end of the 19th century. By that time, the wooden bell tower in the neighborhood had already been demolished (visible in the picture above).

The Soviet time for this temple was hard. An agricultural warehouse was located within the walls of the building, and closer to the middle of the 70s, the church was already abandoned.

Church in Druya ​​in 1931
photo of 1931, during a tip-off in Druya

Despite the fact that in 1990 the temple was returned to believers, it was not immediately possible to restore it. Reconstruction began much later, in 2010, and first of all affected the belfry. The rest is on conservation and waiting for a better time. The attraction is located on Altera Druyanova street, 16, below is a mark with a dot on the map.

If you are in Druya, then look at the former Bernardine monastery and the Trinity Church. Walk around the central part of the agro-town and try to find where the synagogue was.


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