In the central part of Brest, you can see an interesting architectural monument and the second most important Orthodox church in the city - Church of St. Nicholas. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century (work was carried out from 1904 to 1906) on the site where once stood Nicholas Cathedral (it was in it that the Union of Brest was adopted in 1596).

Fraternal Church in Brest

The temple belongs to the Ton architecture and has a cross-domed shape. The dominant element is a high octagonal belfry. The church is richly decorated with decorative elements, pilasters and small arched windows.

Church of St. Nicholas in Brest

Orthodox church in Brest

Brest church

On November 14, 1961, the church in Brest was closed: all the valuables were taken out, the domes were removed and the crosses were cut down. Until the very collapse of the USSR, the state archive was located within the walls of the temple, and then reconstruction began, which lasted until 1996.

Nicholas Church in Brest

The Brotherhood Church is located on Sovetskaya street 10, across the street from the building of the former men's gymnasium.

In Brest there is another Orthodox church with a history - Cathedral of Saint Simeon. I also recommend visiting the building. churches.


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