What is remarkable about New Sverzhen?

picturesque place called New Sverzhen stretches along the unhurried Neman, showing visitors the monuments of the distant 16th century. The ancient Assumption Church is one of them. According to local legend, in 1500, the image of the Mother of God appeared on the forest giant, which was later transferred to Ivie церковь. Laid in a holy place Assumption Church, rebuilt in the next century as a Uniate temple complex.

new overthrow photo

The church received its current features in 1743. Then Grand Duke Michael Radziwill ordered to build a stone church at the already existing monastery complex basilian.

Church of the Assumption Novy Sverzhen

A century later, the order collapsed, and the architectural model in question was rebuilt into an Orthodox monastery.

During the fiery years of the Patriotic War, bombs hit the belfry dome, plastered walls crumbled, the roof gaped with gaps.

Assumption Church old photo

Now the Church of the Assumption in the village of Novy Sverzhen has one tower with a baroque head with stylized edges in the form of niches. They successfully imitate window openings. The surface of the wall is divided by semicircular windows with specific sockets.

New Sverzhen Church

The entrance on the western side has a curious decorated part - a three-arch gate.

The interior component of the complex belongs to the hall view. The choirs are supported by a pair of wooden columns, and there is a hemmed ceiling under the floor beams.

What to see in the village of New Sverzhen

Very close to the Assumption Church you can see Peter and Paul Church.

Village New Sverzhen

The church is easy to find, located in the center of the village of Novy Sverzhen:

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