If you are going to Mir settlement, then remember that he is famous not only Mir Castlebut also other attractions. Here you can see 17th century church, former yeshiva building, chapel of Svyatopolk-Mirsky and several churches. For example, on the square on September 17 is located Trinity Church. The temple was founded between 1533 and 1550, but acquired its current appearance much later.

Settlement Mir Church

Church in the village of Mir

The construction of the temple took place under the prince Nicolae Radziwill Sirotkawho decided to build the future monument. The building was brick, in the architectural style of the Baroque, had the shape of an oblong cross. According to all the canons of Orthodoxy, the altar of the church was located in the east. At the beginning of the 18th century, the temple became Uniate and passed into the possession of Basilian order.

Church in the village of Mir

Church in Mir village photo

However, in 1824 the monastery in the village of Mir was abolished and in 1839 the church was again re-consecrated into an Orthodox church. In 1865, the temple was badly damaged by fire. It was decided to reconstruct the destroyed church. The building was rebuilt and acquired the features of a pseudo-Russian style (essentially ant church).

Church in the village of Mir

Church in the village of Mir

Trinity Church in the village of Mir

Trinity Church in Mir, today has a peculiar form of a cross. In the building of the modern church there are: a refectory, a prayer hall, a porch-belfry and a semicircular apse with a sacristy - where the altar is located.

If you are planning to go to the village of Mir, then I advise you to add a few more attractions of this region to your route. For example palace-estate of the Radziwills in Polonechka и ancient church in Ishkoldi.



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