On the main street agricultural town of Traby located wooden Church of Saints Peter and Paul. The temple was built as an Orthodox church at the end of the 18th century, in 1784. According to some other sources, even earlier - in 1764.

Church in the agricultural town of Traby

Peter and Paul Church in Trabach example of wooden architecture. The temple is surrounded by a stone fence coming into the bell tower. The fence and the tower were built much later, at the beginning of the 20th century.

Church of Traba

Agricultural town Traby

Since the church in the agricultural town of Traby was recently restored, it is difficult to see a monument with almost 250 years of history in it.

Church of Traba

Similar parish churches were built throughout the area. Belarusbut few are so well preserved.

Church of St. Peter and Paul in Trabach

Near the church is another attraction - church in Traby.

Being in these places it will also be interesting to visit Zhemyslavl и Saturdays.


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