In equal distance from Orsha and the city of Dubrovno there is the village of Nightingale (Nightingale) where to watch ruins of an orthodox church mid 19th century. There is very little information about this church, but even it is contradictory and incomplete. In some sources, the temple is called Holy Trinityand in others Saints Constantine and Helena. Perhaps this is due to the fact that before the construction of the stone building, a wooden church already stood on this site. The village of Nightingale itself is mentioned in the annals as early as 1595 as the possession of Sapieha, and in later times - of the Lubomirskys.

Ruins of temples in the village of Nightingale

Ruins of the Church of Saints Constantine and Helena in the village of Solovye

The church has features of a pseudo-Russian style with a fairly typical layout for Orthodox churches of that time.

Abandoned temples of Belarus

Despite being abandoned, the inside is quite clean, there is even a small homemade altar made by a local.

Abandoned places in Belarus

Ancient church in Orsha district

The church in Solovye was closed in 1919, for some time after that it was used for the needs of the local collective farm.

The ruins of the church in the village of Solovye

Abandoned church in the village of Solovye

An interesting architectural feature of the temple is pseudo-Gothic windows and a portal.

Abandoned church in Orsha district

It will not be difficult to find this attraction of the Orsha district, the ruins are located a couple of kilometers from the E95 highway, below is a mark on the map:

If you are in these parts, take a look at another abandoned temple in Vysokoe village.


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