In the central part of the village with the romantic name "Lyubcha» you can see the snow-white Church of the Prophet Elijah. The village is located in the Novogrudok district, on one of the banks of the Neman. It was here, according to legend, that the Lithuanian prince Mindovg met a beautiful girl and fell in love, hence the name Lyubcha.

Church of the Prophet Elijah in Lyubcha

The date of the first temple on this site has not been established, but there is information about a wooden church that was destroyed more than once. The fire that destroyed the church is dated 1798 year. The temple was restored 40 years later, again from wood.

Church of the Prophet Elijah in Lyubcha

In 1858, a major overhaul was carried out in the wooden church. So he stood until 1910, until they decided to demolish it. The next 4 years, on the site of the church of St. Elijah destroyed by time, they built new brick building.

Church in the village of Lubcha

In its shape, it resembles a cruciform building. As for architecture, external features speak of pseudo-Russian style using elements of folk architecture.

An openwork belfry and an onion five-domed dome give the temple in Lyubcha a special attraction and elegance.

Church in the village of Lyubcha

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If you will be passing through Novogrudok, do not be lazy to drive 26 km to Lyubcha. Here you can visit other local attractions - Kishok and Radziwill Castle.


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