In Perkovichi, if you move from estates of Visloukhov through the whole park and the road, you will get to the old church. This temple, like the manor house, was completed in 1805 year. The work was carried out with the money of the then owner of Perkovichi - Zeno Vislouha.

Church of 1805 in the village of Perkovichi

Assumption Church was originally built as a Uniate, and after the prohibition of the union it became Orthodox. By its architecture Perkovichi Church late example classicism. The temple is rectangular, single-nave, without apsides. An interesting facade with a triangular pediment on two pairs of Doric columns.

Church of 1805 in the village of Perkovichi

Along the perimeter of the building there is a cornice with square semi-columns adjoining it.

Assumption Church in Perkovichi

Above the entrance there is an arched niche with an icon on the coat of arms of the Vislouhs.

Church of 1805 in the village of Perkovichi

The church in Perkovichi was closed during the Soviet era, in 1961. The temple was taken away from the parishioners and a fertilizer storage was organized in it. For many years of such operation, the building fell into disrepair. It was restored in the 90s with the money of local residents, after which it was again returned to believers.

Church in Perkovichi

A small bell tower was built next to the church in the middle of the 19th century.

Belfry Perkovići

The attraction is located near the H639 highway, below is the mark on the map:

Not far from the village, an interesting Gothic chapel-tomb of the Ozheshko familyPlease try to visit if possible.

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