In the Myadel district, 15 km from Budslav, there is a small village Bridgemen. Not far from it, on the way to Old Gabs preserved the ruins of the Trinity Church. The temple was built at the end of the 19th century and is an example of retrospective Russian architecture. The building was built of red brick. Unfortunately, the village of Mostoviki was almost completely burned down by the Germans during World War II, in 1943.

After the end of hostilities, local residents rebuilt the village from scratch, including repairing the temple.

But during the religious persecution and propaganda of atheism by order of the Soviet authorities, the Trinity Church was destroyed. And since 1964 it has been a ruin. The outlines of window openings and entrances have been preserved. One way or another, but the brick walls, which have lost a significant part of their former power, are gradually destroyed and go down in history.

On the territory of the temple, the burial places of saints and abbots have been preserved. A priest looks after them and order in the Trinity Church, if possible. Church of Saint Nicholas, which is located in the village of Old Gaby.

Probably, judging by the state of the ruins of the Trinity Church, its restoration is not planned. According to the appearance of the ruins at the moment, it is possible to recreate the former forms of the temple.


Finding the temple is easy:

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