Krivoshin - this is a rather interesting village in the Lyakhovichi district, where you can see церковь rebuilt from ancient church. Once these lands belonged Radziwillam, who transferred part of the estate to the monks of the Jesuit order (approx. those who erected Farny Church in Nesvizh) AT 1670 year in Krivoshin appeared the first temple made of wood. After 70 years, the Jesuit order decided to build a new stone temple, part of which has survived to this day.

Church in Krivoshin

The church was consecrated in honor of Virgin mary at about 1740 year. The temple was a two-tower basilica in the Baroque style of architecture.

Former church in Krivoshin

By the end of the 18th century, Krivoshin got Anthony Tyzengauz, by personal decision of the last king of the Commonwealth, Stanislaw August Poniatowski. Tyzengauz, who spent a lot of time in Grodno and his palace in Postavy, most likely the new place was not particularly happy and by 1780 Krivoshin bought Count Potocki.

Rebuilt churches in Belarus

The fate of the church was sad, after the suppression of the Kalinovsky uprising, the parish was closed, and the temple was taken into the bosom of the Orthodox Church. To 1869 year the alteration of the already former church was completed, the new building was consecrated in honor of Protection of the Holy Virgin.


Church in Krivoshin acquired the features of pseudo-Russian style. Between the truncated towers, an octagonal bell tower was completed, and a huge cylindrical dome-drum was cut in the center of the temple. At the same time, the interior decoration was partially preserved.

Krivoshin church and church

The new Orthodox church has become a unique monument in its own way. Of course, not everyone will like it, but such objects that combine such different styles of architecture are rare.

Unusual temples of Belarus

Despite the fact that the village of Krivoshin became part of Poland in 1921, the temple was not returned to the Catholics or rebuilt. Perhaps this is due to the fact that in neighboring Lipsk the church of St. Mary was already built in 1910.

Agricultural town Krivoshin

Church in the village of Krivoshin

Holy Intercession Church operated until 1969, after which the temple was empty for a long time, until the early 90s. In 1994, a large reconstruction was completed, the temple is open to parishioners, services are being held.

The former church, and today the church in Krivoshin

A small monument to the soldiers of the First World War has been preserved on the church territory.

Monument to soldiers of the First World War in Krivoshin

It will not be difficult to find the main attraction of Krivoshin, the temple is the dominant of the village. From the P43 highway, follow the sign and get straight to the church, below the mark for the navigator.

In the neighboring village of Ostrov (also owned by the Potocki) you can see wooden church of the early 20th century. If possible, take a look at estate Soveiki and church in Medvedici.



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