In 1868 in the central part of the city Kossovo was built Church of Saint Anthony. The temple is made in a retrospective Russian style. Similar churches appeared in huge numbers in the middle of the 19th century on the orders of Mikhail Muravyov. This architecture is also called pseudo-Russian style.

Church of St. Anthony in Kossovo

Anthony Church far from the main attraction of Kossovo. Most of the guests of the city do not even reach this temple, devoting more time Palace of the Puslovskys.

Church of St. Anthony in Kossovo

The church visually consists of 4 parts, where the main one is a two-tiered bell tower. The interior of the temple is simple and no frills. The territory also does not stand out for anything interesting.

Church of St. Anthony in Kossovo

Kossovo Church is located on the street Merry 2.

More to see in Kossovo museum-estate Kosciuszko, Trinity Church и catholic chapel.


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