One of the most massive monasteries in the Gomel region is located in the village Yurovichi. The former church and monastery of the Jesuits is today at the final stage of reconstruction into an Orthodox church.

Yurovichi Gomel region

Yurovichi - a small village located between Mozyr and the city of Khoiniki. The first mention of the settlement dates back to the first half of the 15th century. Jesuit monks founded their monastery here in the 17th century. The first buildings of which were wooden and did not last long. A strong fire forced the monks to rebuild new buildings, already made of stone.

Temple in Yurovichi

The dominant feature of the monastery complex was a massive Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. It dates back to 1746 and was built over 20 years. Since 1778, the Collegium of the Jesuit Order was located in Yurovichi, which operated until 1820. After this, the monastery was transferred to the Bernardine Order.

Church in the village of Yurovichi

Sights of the Gomel region

The monks were enterprising and active, so they supported the uprisings of 1830. For which the monastery in Yurovichi was closed for a while. However, the order resumed its service in 1840.

Monastery and church in the village of Yurovichi

The events of 1863-64 put an end to the Catholic monastery. Despite the fact that the monks did not take part in the new performances of the rebels, the Russian authorities decided to close it. The church and residential buildings were transferred to the Orthodox Church. From this moment begins a new history of the Yuroviches.

Jesuit Monastery Yurovichi

Yurovichi village

The church was re-consecrated in 1865 Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The cells of the Jesuit monks housed female Orthodox monasticism. A little later, the reconstruction of the temple begins. A tall three-nave church with two towers, overgrown with onion domes, according to the canon of the pseudo-Russian style of architecture.

Monastery in Yurovichi

Monastery in Yurovichi

During the anti-religious struggle, the monastery and the church in Yurovichi are closed. Since 1950, the buildings have been adapted to the needs of the orphanage, and all valuables have been removed.

Former church in the village of Yurovichi

Probably the idea of ​​an orphanage was not fully realized. As a result, the monastery was abandoned for many years. In 1993, the temple was returned to believers and its reconstruction began, stretching for decades.


As of August 2021, the church in Yurovichi is almost restored. Probably another year or two and the temple will be completely finished. Finding this attraction is easy, get off the P35 highway and move to the center, the mark is lower on the map.

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